Vanilla-Tangerine Jam

Introduction: Vanilla-Tangerine Jam

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Tangerines are definitly a wintery superfood in Holland. Packed with vitamin C to keep you fit. Did you know tangerines have a calming and relaxing effect? Some even say you'll sleep better when eating these. The perfect winter fruit! This type of fruit is in season from somewhere in december to somewhere in march. I eat like two of them every day. It's a wonder that I haven't turned into a tangerine yet! So, what do you do with fruits that are available in excess? You make jam out of it, ofcourse. This vanilla-tangerine jam will blow you away. The tangerines tend to be a little sour, but the vanilla makes this jam really soft. Hmmmm!

Step 1: Ingrediënts

This is what you need for about 1 liter of jam:
1 kilograms / 35 oz Tangerines
500 grams / 27 oz Jam Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean

You'll also need some jars for storing the jam.

Step 2: Let's Make Some Jam!

Zest three of the tangerines and put it in a pan. Now peel all the tangerines, put it in the pan and get your hands in there. Squeeze tangerines so you'll get pulp. Mix the jam sugar in there. Cut open the vanilla bean and get the inside out with the tip of your knife. Add it to the jam mixture. Put it on the stove and get it to cook. Let it cook for 5 minutes from the point where it starts boiling. Now turn the heating off and let it cool for a few minutes.

Step 3: Preserving

Well, my jars weren't airtight, but if yours are, why not take a little extra step in preserving the jam? Pour the jam into the jars, close them and put them upside down for 5 minutes. This makes sure you can preserve it for much longer. Voila, you're done! I love love love this jam. It's awesome on just a cracker or in some yoghurt. Now you can enjoy some tangerine goodness all year round.

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