Introduction: Patriotic Strawberries

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We Dutchies are little patriots. We grab any occasion to take out our red-white-blue flags and wave them around. Like Kingsday, or Liberation Day and even the European and World Football Championship. So, we have a lot of occasions to celebrate the fact that we are Dutch and celebration calls for proper snacks! Dutch strawberries are very good in the summer, so I thought this would be the perfect fruit to turn into a patriotic snack. Red-white-blue strawberries! And well, if you're not Dutch, just use foodcoloring in the colors of your flag.

Step 1: You'll Need...

A bunch of strawberries
One bar of white chocolate
4 tbs of white sugar
Foodcoloring (whatever colors are in your flag!)

Step 2: Easy Does It!

Wash the strawberries in cold water and let them dry. Add 2 drops of foodcoloring to the sugar to turn it any color you like. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave. Use the defrost mode, because white chocolate fails easily! Check every 30 seconds how it's going. You'll need about 3 minutes. You can also choose to just melt it in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Once it's melted, decide wether you need another color than white. Again, depends on your flag! Now dip a strawberry in the chocolate, leave a little red if there's red in your flag. Let the excess chocolate drip and now dip the tip of the strawberry in the sugar. Leave the berries to dry on a sheet of baking paper or just a plate. Done!

Use any color you like, I know we're not all Dutch! :)

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