Introduction: Variable Power Supply Controller to Control My MIDI Device(1.8v TO 12v)

In the following video i have shown that how you can make a voltage
regulator from the lm317 . I was working on a midi controller and due to a large number of the potentiometers and arduino can not supply that much so i have created this device you can look up at the datasheet of the LM317

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Parts List

To make this power supply you need these following things.

1.Voltage Regulator(LM317)

2.Capacitor (1uf,10uf)

3.Resistor (150 ohm)

4.Pot(1k ohm)

5.power supply 30v

6.copper dot PCB

7.Soldering iron

8.DC jack


Step 3: Circuit Diagram

By using the following circuit diagram you can make this device very easily

Step 4: Soldering the PCB

As you have seen the video above you might have the idea to how you can solder this pcb design

you can follow these steps

1.connect the voltage regulator in the pcb

2.connect it vin pin to the input voltage side

3.and connect one capacitor of value 1uf at the input to the ground

4.connect the potentiometer one pin to the ground and other pin to the Vadj and connect one resistor of value 150ohm from Vout to the third pin of the potentiometer and connect the second pin of the pot to the third pin as well. connect the 10uf capacitor to the output and the ground

6.At the last you can connect one led at the output side with a resistor of 470 ohm.

Step 5: Adding the PowerSupply and Output

After all of the circuit designing is done we can add the input to the following circuit

i am using the 12v input so i have used the jack directly from the 12v power supply but you could use upto 30v at the input and the you can check the output at output side and by using voltmeter we can verify the outputvoltage as shown in the photo

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