Introduction: Vauxhall F23 Gear Stick Lever Shift Selector Unit Anti Play Bush Repair Fix Kit Install Instructions Guide

The Problem

The nylon bush within the gear shift mechanism wears causing excess movement and gear shift faults.

Within the gear shifter unit is a nylon plastic bush which rotates on a ball joint. Over time the soft nylon wears leading to excess movement on the ball joint which manifest itself as excess play in gear selection. This excess play allows the gearstick to move up and down inside the mechanism leading to a loose feeling when selecting gears or can even make it difficult to select certain gears. Previously the only solution to this issue was to replace the entire gear shift assembly as the bush was not available as an individual part.

Symptoms of the fault

The gear stick feels loose / sloppy and it can be difficult to shift in to gear. Typically Reverse or 1st gear is hard to select or requires force. Crunching gears can also be a symptom of this fault.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

The following vehicles where by reverse is selected far bottom right (not top left) with the gear stick:

- ASTRA II 2 G - (1998-2009)

- ASTRA III 3 H - (2004-2013)

- COMBO C - (2001-2011)

- MERIVA I 1 - (2002-2009)

- VECTRA B C - (1999-2008)

- ZAFIRA A - (1998-2005)

All petrol engines and the diesel engines: 1.7, 2.0, 2.2.

Models with a Manual F23 Gearbox with cable operation.

Our solution

Fit our replacement gear shift bush and eliminate the excess play in the gear shifter unit

We now manufacture the replacement bush so you can replace just the component that fails without having to replace the complete gear shift mechanism. Our part fits in exactly the same way as the original and will return the gear shift to original condition with sharp gear changes and no excess play.

Our bush is a precision injection moulded part (we are not currently aware of any others offering this) this means the part will fit perfectly and is the same fit as the OE part. In our experience the 3D printed and machined substitute parts are tricky to fit and often snap whilst trying to fit.

Our side to side movement rod also included in the kit (these can wear too) is also moulded to the perfect shape, printed or metal parts do not fit perfectly and can cause wear.

You will receive

1x Gear selector bush

1x Side to side movement rod

3x O-rings

X8R Ltd

Step 1: Loosen Retaining Clip

  • Using a flat bladed screw driver pry out the clip until it meets the stopper.

Step 2: Remove the Bush Retaining Plate

  • Twist the plate - this is key for it to be removed.
  • Flip over the gear unit, exposing the interior, you will now see three tabs which need to be pried back to release the plate.
  • This will reveal an o-ring which we'll replace in a later step.

Step 3: Remove the Side to Side Movement Rod

  • Before lifting out the gear stick you'll need to remove the push fit rod.
  • Using a small pair of pliers grip the tabs and press the rod through.
  • With the rod removed you will be able to lift the stick out and released it from the cable linkage and its housing.

Step 4: ​Remove the Worn Parts

  • Use both hands to remove the worn bush, pry back on both sides of the bush, lift it over the ball of the gear stick unit (this will feel very tight and some pressure may be required)
  • With the worn bush out you can now remove the o-ring that sits above by lifting it over the side part of the stick.
  • Remove the smaller o-ring from the stick.
  • The third o-ring is located in the gear stick housing which will simply lift out.

Step 5: Fit the Replacement Parts

  • Fit the new o-ring located within the stick housing, making sure it's seated correctly.
  • Fit the upper o-ring on the stick, lift it over the side part.
  • Before fitting the new gear selector bush, apply a small amount of grease on the inside - this will help with the fitting which will also make for a smoother stick when fitted back into the car.
  • Fit the bush onto the stick - this will clip into place.
  • Fit the smaller o-ring as shown in image, this will slide up the stick and sit in its grove naturally.

Step 6: Fit Stick Back Into the Housing

  • Before fitting the stick back into its housing it's worthwhile applying a small amount of grease on the side part of the gear stick.
  • Slot the stick into its housing, also slotting the side part of the stick into the linkage part of the unit.
  • Slot the new push fit rod in, making sure its correctly aligned.

Step 7: Refit Cover Plate

  • Refit the o-ring, seating it around the gear selector bush making sure the tabs of the cover plate are lined up with the correct slots.
  • Once aligned press into place and twist to secure.
  • Push the metal retaining clip back in.

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