Introduction: Lotion Bars

A very simple recipe for a solid lotion bar to keep your skin soft. This is great if you dont want to use beeswax.

-60% Butters (Half Cocoa Butter or Mango Butter and half Shea Butter are good butters to use)
-15% Emulsifying Wax
-15% Steric Acid (it's also a type of wax)
-10 Sweet Almond Oil or other light oil (examples include sunflower or grapeseed oil)

In addition to this, add .5% to 1% preservative. Research your preservative for the proper usage amount.
You can also add a percentage of fragrances oil. Each fragrance oil is going to have different skin safe percentages. Research the amounts before using them in the lotion bars.

Step 1: Melt the Butters and Waxes

Melt the butters, emulsifying wax or ewax and steric acid.

Step 2: Cool the Mixture

Cool the butters and waxes to under 125 degrees and add the sweet almond oil, fragrance oil and preservative.

Pour into silicone molds and allow to cool. Putting the mold in the freezer will help them firm up to be removed easily from the mold.

Step 3: Store in Containers

Store the bars in a container.

To use: Remove the bar from the container and use the warmth of your hands to melt the bar and apply to your skin. Return the bar to the container until your ready to use it again.

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