Introduction: Vegetable Instrument

Cucumber trumpets have been the cornerstone of the vegetable orchestra community since its inception. We have decided to take this phenomenon and bring it to you, the people, to spread that “fresh produce” sound. This project is aimed at a group of pals who need to take their band to the next level, to finally be given the shot that they need, and only have $2.00 between them. My parents once said “Brass is a young man’s game.” and I have taken that to heart ever since, and if these instructions are followed exactly, you will understand the importance of the motto as well.

Step 1: Cut Ends Off of Cucumber, About an Inch From the Sides

Step 2: Hollow Out Cucumber With the Knife, Leaving About 2 or Three Centimeters of Flesh

Step 3: Take Carrot and Carefully Insert Into One End of Hollowed Out Cucumber.

Step 4: Mark Where the Carrot Leaves the Cucumber With the Marker and Remove Carrot.

Step 5: Cut the Carrot Two to Three Centimeters Down the Carrot From the Mark.

Step 6: Hollow of the Carrot Carefully by First Starting With the Same Method As Hollowing Out the Cucumber From Step 2, and Then Transitioning to Use the Screwdriver and Toothpicks to Poke Through the Middle.

Step 7: Cut the Top Off of the Bell Pepper and Keep the Top As a "plunger" for the End of Your Trumpet.

Step 8: Hollow Out the Innards of the Pepper.

Step 9: Put the Cucumber Next to the Bottom of the Pepper.

Step 10: Cut Around the Cucumber.

Step 11: Measure a Comfortable Distance Away in the Center on Where Your Three Middle Fingers Would Sit.

Step 12: Poke Three Holes About a Centimeter Apart From Each Other With a Toothpick and Expand to About Half a Centimeter in Diameter.

Step 13: Insert Carrot Mouthpiece and Add Bell Pepper Amplifier.

Step 14: Play Your Vegetable Instrument As You Would a Trumpet/recorder Hybrid, by Bussing With Your Lips Into the Mouthpiece and Covering and Uncovering Holes!