Introduction: Veggie Omelette #HMS2020,

Hi Mr.Gadd! It is Christian and I am making a Veggie Omlette to show step by step on how it is made. It is not that hard, and I will be going step by step. Hope you enjoy! :)


You are going to need about 4-6 eggs, olive oil, garlic powder, veggies, a bowl, 2 pans, a fork, a spoon, a plate, and a spatula (anything else is optional).

Step 1: The Start

Get your olive oil out, and drizzle it on to the pan, and put the heat to about 149-156 Fahrenheit. You want to do this so you do not over cook the eggs. Also to keep it cooking at a steady rate. So you don't need to eat burnt eggs.

Step 2: The Eggs

Take out about 4-6 eggs, a bowl, a spoon to scramble them. Pour the eggs on to the pan. Pour it right in the middle. Don't get the eggs spilling of the edges.

Step 3: The Veggies

You are going to take another pan and put some oil on it. Put some veggies on the pan to cook at about 149 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to cook the veggies thoroughly. Gives them more flavor to.

Step 4: When the Eggs and Veggies Are Done

When your eggs are done, to your liking, keep them on the pan and turn the stove off. Take the veggies and spread out the veggies on to the eggs. This is to thoroughly cook any raw part of the egg and to keep the veggies warm. So make sure to do that.

Step 5: Making the Omelette

Fold the egg (like a taco). To where the veggies are inside the egg. This is what makes the omelette. You need to do it carefully to not break it.

Step 6: Taking the Omelette Out

Take out the omelette with a spatula and put it on your plate. Do it very careful and spot on. Use your spatula and grab the fold. This is to not unfold your egg.

Step 7: Eat

Get your fork. Sit down at the table and eat your scrumptious and delicious Omelette. Hopefully you give it a rating of 5 stars! Please d:{

Step 8: Conclusion

I have learned that I'm not as nervous as I thought I was doing these type of essays.They are very fun when it is something like this. Also luckily, I came across no problems doing this, it was pretty simple, maybe a little bit of looking around in the store, but that was it. Thanks for this Mr.Gadd! -Christian P. You can ask the questions now. d:)