Introduction: Veggie Stuffed Butternut Squash

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I ate this in the restaurant where my sister was working, Gafna in Bat Ayin. I asked her for the recipe (after she was let go) , but couldn't get all ingredients so I changed a few things. I serve this on Shabbat or Festivals, cut in wide slices. It may look hard but it's pretty easy actually.

Ingredients - most of these are to taste:

- 1 onion, chopped thinly

- 1 zucchini, grated

- 1 carrot, grated

- 1 stalk celery, sliced

- soy sauce

- silan - date syrup

- black pepper

- cinnamon

- pinch of cloves

- pinch of nutmeg

- pinch of cumin

- sunflower seeds, peeled, unsalted, unroasted (I get mine in the local health food store)

- raisins

- 1 butternut squash, sliced in 2 lengthwise and emptied of pits and stuff.


Saute onion until soft. Add celery, cook a little, add carrot and zucchini. Add some water to cook down. Add rest of ingredients except butternut squash. Cook until done.

Put butternut squash in an oven dish with some water on the bottom. Mix (olive) oil with some salt and pepper. Brush on cut side of butternut squash. Bake in the oven on 200C for 30 minutes.

Take butternut squash out of the oven. Let cool a bit and then scoop out some of the flesh. You can add this to the veggie mix or just eat it, it's delicious!

Put filling in squash. Serve hot or cold, whole or sliced. Enjoy!