Introduction: Vertical Garden Year 8

In this instructable, you will be learning how to build a vertical garden

Step 1: Materials

You will need

1. A Pallet

2. 15 water bottles

3. Muslin fabric / Stockings

4. 15 Rubber bands

5. Plastic mesh

6. 116 cm long pieces of wood, 9cm width (Depending on your pallet length)

7. Six 2 by 1-inch rectangles of wood

8. 15 different plants

9. Scissors

10. Hammer

11. Drill

12. Screws

13. Glue optional

Step 2: Take Apart the Pallet

First, you will need to get a pallet. You need to have five bars of wood on top, if you need to remove any please do you will need them later. To do this use a hammer and a block of wood. Once you have knocked out the extra wood planks put them aside. When you have done this you will be left with three planks in the middle and a top and bottom plank.

Step 3: Assembling

The next step was to assemble the shelves how we made the sides - First, we used spare wood to cut the sides (6 of them to be exact) of the shelves (we cut them to 9cm w) then we screwed them onto the pallet using 2mm screws, we struggled to get the nails in using hammers so we used drills instead. how we made the base - once we did that we started on the bases of the shelves, we used the planks (3 of them) we knocked off the pallet to make them. - we placed them sideways so the plants had somewhere to sit on and screwed them into the sides of the pallet using 2mm screws and a drill (as you can see in the photo)

Step 4: Mesh Support

Why use plastic mesh?

We realized before even making the vertical garden that there will need to be some sort of support for the bottles. We used this mesh because it was labeled as outside mesh and won't perish as fast as others. The mesh is meant to support the bottles and stop the bottles from falling. We stapled the mesh to the wood. *DISCLAIMER* what we used as the mesh was fraying so we used glue to keep the material together.

Since we knew how long the planks of the wood were (116cm) we made the strips of plastic mesh 10 cm longer so we could staple gun it to the supporting sides.

Step 5: Bottles (Pot Plants)

Because this is a reutilize project we will be using bottles. These bottles are just like pot plants, they hold the plant (particularly small plants and succulents). The bottle will also have a draining system.

*for this project we used five bottles per row, 15 in total*

Step 1. Get a water bottle

Step 2. Mark halfway all around the bottle

Step 3. Get a pair of scissors and carefully cut the halfway mark.

Step 4. Now you have two pieces of the bottle, get a piece of muslin fabric or an old stocking.

Step 5. Cut a 7cm by 7cm piece of fabric

Step 6. Stretch the fabric around the mouth of the bottle.

Step 7. Get a rubber band and wrap it around the mouth of the bottle 3-4 times to secure the fabric.

Step 8. Put the top half of the bottle upside down so that the inside of the bottle is facing up.

Step 9. Now get soil and a plant and secure our plant into the bottle.

Step 10. Drainage, poke a hole on the base of the bottle so that the water doesn't overflow.

Step 6: Supporting the Bottles

To keep the bottles stable, you will need to use the leftovers of your plastic mesh

With this, you will cut a strip that is roughly 30cm long, and 8cm in width. To apply the mesh you will need to stable gun it. All you need to do is put the mesh over the bottle and staples either side to secure it.

You do this to avoid the bottles falling over because we found when moving the pallet the bottles would fall over and our plants and dirt would fall out too.

Step 7: Finished Product

This is what your final product should look like

Hope you had fun building!