Introduction: Vertical Wind Turbine From Big PET Bottle

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I love wind turbines. And I love making them specially from recycled materials. I just can't help myself when I get that feeling to reuse old stuff to make useful projects.

I have great interest in renewable energy. I've tried making some wind turbines before and today I'm trying to make a VAWT ( Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ). I'll show you my trials and failures until it worked.

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Permanent Magnet Motor

Step 1: Components and Tools


Here are the components for this project , you can see that nearly all of them are recycled materials :

Motor Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada Malaysia , aliexpress

This was the only new component I bought for this project.

Old steel groom --- This is the main pole for the wind turbine

Tie rap Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada Indonesia , Lazada Malaysia , aliexpress

Old CD-Rom player metal cover --- This is the directing rudder. For wind turbine automatic direction through all wind situations.

PET bottle ---- To cover and protect the motor against dust and water.

Some Wires

1 mm Copper wire

5 Gallon water Bottle : I used PET Bottles that can be used only once. So they can be recycled for other purpose but not reused for drinking water.

Amazon UK , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Aliexpress , eBay

Tools :

Pliers Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay

Scissors Aliexpress , eBay

Gardening Scissors Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay

Step 2: First Trial - Failed

I used the Gardening Scissors to cut the PET bottle and made vertical slices so it may cause it to rotate if hanged freely into the air flow.

I used a hot nail to make two holes in the bottles neck so it can be attached to the generator's shaft.

After trying the turbine in the air, it didn't move.

I guess we can call it a failure, right?

Wrong. It's just another way of making Vertical Wind Turbine that doesn't spin.

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Step 3: Second and Third - Another Failure

Then I tried another way of cutting the PET bottle.

I made also some vertical cuts while getting them out to make some fins that may cause it to spin.

No rotation either.

The third thing I've tried is to cut the PET bottle in some sloping lines. You see, I have many bottles of these.

I even tried another thing that might not be considered as a wind turbine. But the more I feel like I come closer to my target, the more I feel motivated.

I've tried to cut the bottom of the bottle and make a rotating disk that connects to the generator and can be rotated by hand.

This one really works.

Step 4: Forth Trial -- Successful !!!!

"Failure is no a failure if you learn from it"

This is just the quote I keep remembering when I start to build one of my projects.

Every project I make - fail or success - I learn a lot from it.

This is the final step where I could do the VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

I cut the PET bottle into two halves.

Removed the bottom plate.

Connected the two halves together back-to-back using 1 mm Copper wire.

This made the rotor's fins.

I connected the fins to the generator using 1 mm Copper wire.

This one has worked.

That's all. Thank you for reading.

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