Very Adjustable Shelving

Introduction: Very Adjustable Shelving

This shelving system was made with wood materials purchased at a local home improvement store. Many of the of wood pieces were already cut to length & width. I used 2x4x8's for the framing of the system. The the holes were laid out using using a tape measure, and then drilled using a speedbor spade drill bit. The dowel rods are poplar. The 2x4s in the back are secured into the wall for safety. Corner brackets & screws are used on some of the shelves to provided stability, but the majority of the system is completely adjustable. The shelves are 1/2" plywood and were cut to size by me, however, Lowes & Home Depot will cut plywood sheets to your size's for a very small fee, or in some cases, free. The shelving only uses three different size shelve's. The shelve's on the far right & left are the same size, the top three in the middle (including the TV shelf), are the same size, and rest of the inside shelve's are the same size. The TV shelf in this unit is pin nailed & glued. Since this build, we realized that a few more dowel holes would've allowed us to use dowel rods instead of nails.

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2 years ago

This is a really clever idea, I like it!

Do you happen to have any photos showing the process as you made these shelves? If so, they'd be great to add. If not, be sure to snap more photos next time you make something ; )

Great looking shelves, I really dig the idea. thank you!!


Reply 2 years ago

Unfortunately, we did not take any photos while we were making the shelving system. We don't even have a materials list at this point. If you have any specific questions about the construction of the shelving I'd be more than happy to answer them for you.