Introduction: Very Best Sangria

This sangria will be closely related to what you will order at a good Spanish or Portuguese restaurant. Come out excellent

Step 1: Picking the Right Wine

The wine selection will go a long way when it comes to flavor quality and most of all unique. The key to sangria is that it's basically a beverage that absolutely does not ask for high quality liqueurs or wine. You want to only use the lower cost options. You are not going to limit yourself at all you will have the very best flavor.

For wine selection you want to use Carlo Rossi wine. Depending on amount of sangria you are going to use is what will be your deciding factor on buying either the gallon jug or smaller half jug. This wine is great tasting, low cost and supreme to use when it come to sangria. Red or white this is a great option. Your selection of burgundy, sangria, chianti etc will depend on your fav flavor wine.

Step 2: Brandy Selection

Adding the right liqueurs will also make your sangria taste great add that kick you are looking for, and creating that wow factor amongst your guests.

Just as you have done when it came to wine selection, you will not want to use top quality brandy. Add a brandy that is good but low cost. A regular dark brandy is best to use. Pictured is a commonly use dark Portuguese brandy full flavor, good quality but not overly distilled or processed for additional flavors.

Add the equivalence of 4 ounces for a small pitcher of sangria . This will greatly depend on your desire to create that wow factor. You are the driver here add your desired amount.

Step 3: Sweeten the Deal

Adding a sweet kick to your sangria will take any amount of tartness out of the drink. You will add 4 ounces or more as desired.

At this step add your triple sec.
Same as before low cost is best, do not go to fancy with any of the liqueurs.

Step 4: Adding That Touch of Tropics

Continue your flavor kick with a nice 4 ounce helping or more as desired of Bacardi white rum.

You re in control spice it up at your leisure

Step 5: Adding That Vitamin C to the Mix

Finally make your sangria complete with your choice of OJ. Flavor and brand is up to you. Be sure to use a No Pulp juice.

Here you will also finally be able to stir the pot making the sangria to your liking. Perform that vital taste test, and add more wine OJ brandy rum triple sec to your liking

Step 6: Garnish It

Chop up some fruit of your choice. The best kind of fruit is usually not the freshest. You will ultimately want to use fruit that isn't bad but also not newly purchased. Do not hesitate to use grocery fresh purchased fruit.

I am only stating to use older fruit as the old saying goes.. The older the berry the sweeter the fruit. Make it as you wish. Go tropical be fancy or simply chop up a simple Apple. Your desire you choice is what you make it