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Introduction: Vice/Vise Restoration

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Hello friends. In this article I'll tell you how to clean and paint the old vise.

Step 1: An Old Find.

Recently discovered the old vise. It was decided to restore them. Give a second life to the piece of iron.

Step 2: Color Selection

Viski planned to paint in green. At the time of purchase, the paint in the store did not have the right color, he chose the purple one.

Step 3: Cleaning of Rust.

To clean the vises of rust, I used a special metal nozzle on the drill.

Step 4: ​Other Colors

On the places where strong rubbing is planned, I decided to add blackand yellow colors.

Step 5: Degreaser

Before painting, the part must be wiped with a special liquid.

Step 6: Result of the Restored Vise

All this was recorded by me on video.
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