Introduction: Video Answering Machine

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This was just an exploration of mine. It involves the use of QR codes. This will show you how to create on for your purposes. A QR or quick response code, is a visual encoding of other information. It is so named as it allows the user access almost immediately without typing anything. It's typically used in advertisements to give access to their clients' website to the reader. It is also necessary for augmented reality. As this is my first instructable, I have no prior experience with this technology. Likewise, if there are more experienced people, I would be open to any shared knowledge.

Step 1: Making Your Code

The code I made came from You can use this site if you like, though it requires a pre-existing website. That's why I had to use Youtube.

Step 2: Application

This technology can be used for basically anything. I used this for an answering machine outside my door. I'm hoping to laminate for use as a directory to people trying to contact me. Unfortunately I had to use youtube to show the video. Also, I'm not sure how to add videos to instructables. Leave any questions in the comments below. Thanks!