Introduction: How to Make Vietnamese Crepe

If you love Vietnamese food and you haven't try the crêpe (bánh xèo) then it's a big miss. If you have it once then you'll never forget the crispy and crunchy texture of it . Vietnamese Crêpe (bánh xèo) is one of our traditional food. So bánh xèo (bahn xe-oh) meaning the sizzling sound of the crêpe when you pour the flour on the pan. You can get this at any of the Vietnamese restaurant, but they're costly, you can save money and share with other by making this on your own. It's really easy to make, and you can also enjoy it with many ways. I'll teach you how, so bare with me through the process. Good luck.

Step 1: Buy Ingredients and Utensil

You can buy all of these at any Asian Store.


  1. rice flour

  2. water ( 3 cups/bag)

  3. milk (1cup/bag)

  4. Beer(1cup/bag (optional))

  5. bean sprouts

  6. mushroom (optional)

  7. squash (optional)

  8. carrot (optional)

  9. onion ( chop)

  10. oil ( 1 tea spoon/each crepe)

  11. shrimp (peeled)

  12. pork belly and pork (slice)

  13. squid (optional)(slice about 1/2in per piece)


  1. 4qt salad bowl

  2. whisk

  3. ladle

  4. spatula

  5. foil tray, glass tray or plate

  6. pan and lid

Step 2: Prepare and ​mixing the Flour

pour the flour into a 4qt salad bowl

1 bag of flour add in about 2cups of water and let it sit for 3-4 hours before cooking. Afterward put in chopped onion and either 2 more cups of water or 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of beer. No matter what you put in but Total of 5 cups of liquid is good. The milk and beer will helps the Bánh xèo crispy.

while waiting you can prepared others stuff: wash the bean sprouts squash, pork, shrimps, and mushroom.

pork: let it dry a little and than slice it into thin slice like beacon thin and 1in per piece

Shrimp: peel off the skin

Mushroom: cut into piece like shown in the picture

squash: peel and slice into small pieces like bean sprouts

Step 3: Cook the Bánh Xèo

Use any type of pan. Warm up the pan first and than low your stove down to medium, put in 1tsp of oil and let it boil. Afterward put in all your ingredient shrimp, pork, mushroom and fries it until its turn golden, then pour 1ladle of rice four into the pan and spread it out on the surface of the pan. Then put in the bean sprouts and squash on top and cover up with the lid. Wait about 5mins or see when the edge or crispy or golden then use the spatula to fold it in half like a taco and take it out. Put it either on a tray or plate.

Step 4: Enjoy the Bánh Xèo

Wah-la here's the Bánh xèo

how to eat: wrap the Bánh xèo and vegetable together, then deep it into the sauce or you can just deep the Bánh xèo into the sauce by itself. There are many way to eat it like you can also use rice paper to wrap it like a spring roll.

sauce: you can get the sweat and sour sauce at the Asian market

Side: you can use any type of vegetable