Introduction: Viking Stargazing Chairs

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I was really excited to start building these, and they are more comfortable than i expected.

First of all you need 2 lengths of board. Scaffold Board will do the job.

You will need the following tools


Circular Saw or Hand Saw.

Sanding Paper, 80 and 120 grit and an orbital sander if possible.

A drill with a large wood bit

Step 1: Cut the Boards to Length

I found that cutting the boards to 49" in length worked well

Do this with the circular saw, or hand saw.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Boards

Get one of the boards and put a line 14" from the bottom of the board. This will make your seat.

At the 14" mark measure in 2" from either side and mark a line all the way to the other end.

You are best cutting this with a circular saw then, the jigsaw for the small fiddly cuts.

This will create the tenon.

To create the mortice pocket.

Take the other length of wood and measure 14" from the bottom of the board and mark a line all the way across.

Measure 2" in from either side and mark two lines there.

find out the thickness of the boards and take that measurement. From the 14" line you have made, make another line using the thickness measurement of the board. This should give you a rectangle that needs cutting out.

Use a drill and large wood bit in each corner to give you some space to get in with the jigsaw. Cut that hole out.

Step 3: Sometimes You Need to Fettle It a Bit

Even with good measurements, sometimes the mortice pocket can be a bit tight.

Keep cutting it out little by little until you have a snug, but easy to insert the other board fit.

Step 4: Make Them Look Nice.

Now with the jigsaw, round the edges of the seat board for a more comfortable fit.

You can also use the jigsaw to cut a design or shape into the headrest.

You can elaborate in a lot of ways here to customise the look to your liking.

Step 5: Sand and Finish

Now sand them to your liking and feel.

I like a nice soft touch, so i sanded to 240 grit, and threw some wax on them.

You could do a number of treatments at this point, so it's really up to you.

Step 6: Thanks for Looking

Check out the video for more information and an easier walk through of the build.

Drop me any questions you have and i'm always happy to discuss things.

Take Care Everyone.

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