Introduction: Vinegret. a Russian Mixed Salad

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Vinegret (also called Russian vinaigrette) is a very popular salad in Russia and the nearest countries. It is vegetarian, easy-to-cook and healthy; it is one of the best choices of everyday food.

The word "vinegret" in an extended sense means "a strange mix". So we say "it is vinegret in his/her head" to express a huddle of ideas. This meaning occurs because you may add a variety of components to vinegret and get a different taste each time. This salad will never cloy to you; such an excellent feature for everyday food )))

I invite everyone to make (and enjoy!) vinegret salad with me. If you make it, don't forget to share your photo.

Step 1: ​Ingredients

There are two necessary ingredients, which must be in a salad to call it "Vinegret".

  • Components #1 is salad oil. I usually use olive oil, but you may choose your preference. Also, using different kinds of oil (sunflower, cottonseeds, etc.), you may diversify your salad flavor. No chance it cloys to you ever!
  • Components #2 is beetroot. It is not possible to prepare vinegret without beetroot.

Also, we should add an acid-containing ingredient.

  • In this instructable, I used pickled cucumber, but it may be other pickled vegetables, fermented cabbage or a teaspoon of vinegar.

As for other ingredients, we may choose any from the list:

  • potato;
  • carrot;
  • canned green pea or bean;
  • onion.

Also, we need basic kitchenware:

  • a chopping board;
  • knives for peeling and chopping;
  • some pots for vegetable cooking;
  • a big pot or a big bowl for final mixing;
  • a big wooden or plastic spoon for mixing.

Step 2: Vegetables Cooking

Firstly, we should cook beetroot and potato (as well as carrot, if you want). I advise starting with a beetroot cooking because it is the most time-consuming stage.

Wash some beetroots, put them into a pot with cold water and boil them for 1.5-2.0 hours. Then, place the pot in the sink and fill it with a flow of cold water. Make beetroots get as cold as tap water. We call it "to frighten beetroots" we do it to make peeling easier.

After "making beetroots afraid" put the pot to the stove and boil for one hour more.

Potato cooking is much easier: just boil it until it gets prepared (about 30 min).

Step 3: Vegetables Peeling and Chopping

Peel cooked beetroot and potato then chop.

Peel and chop raw onion. Chop pickled cucumber.

Step 4: Final Mixing

Put all ingredients into a big pot or bowl. Add some oil and mix.

Let the salad stay for an hour and ... enjoy!

Bone appetite!

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