Introduction: Vintage Luggage/Gift Tags

A simple postage/luggage tag, perfect for adding to Christmas and birthday gifts and cheap to make out of materials from around the home.

Step 1: Materials

These are normal household materials, no need for any silly craft supplies.
You will need:

-Packaging (brown) paper
-Glue Stick
-Scissors and or Guillotine
-Hole Punch
-Twine or String

Step 2: Ageing the Card

Vintage style paper is a slight brownish colour. I only have white card but tea will take care of that :)

Half fill a cup with warm water and add a tea bag and allow to soak for around 30-40 seconds (doesn't really matter)

Squeeze the teabag to remove most of the moisture and rube over one side of the card.
-Don't squeeze too hard or else it will burst and you will have bits of tea leaves over the card-

Allow to dry for 5 minutes and if desired apply a second or third coating to darken the card further, allowing drying time inbetween

And voila, 50 years of age in 6 minutes :) 

Step 3: Apply Backing

For the reverse of the card I thought it would be more authentic to cover it in brown packing paper.
To do this, glue the reverse side of the card (unstained) and apply a sheet of the brown paper, and allow to dry. 

Step 4: Cutting Out the Tags

Next draw the shape you need with your pencil and ruler.
I measured 5cm across and 7.5 and 9cm up so I was able to get 3 tags vertically from my page

At the 7.5cm mark I measured at an angle to the 9cm line to create the tag shape

Once I had drawn one row I cut it out using the guillotine, and an extra two rows but not drawn on, as this is time wasting
After each tag was cut out using the scissors, use one as a template to cut out the rest, and there you have as many tags of the same shape as you want.

Now use a hole punch to make the hole near the top in the middle.

Step 5: Personalise

Now it's time to make it your own.
You can write out the recipient's name in joint writing and a message of your choice.

On the reverse apply a postage stamp. I added a postmark with the aid of  1 and 5pence pieces and drew some wavy lines 

Step 6:

Add some string and there you have it a lovely tag to go with any present.
Thanks so much for reading and good luck :)

Feel free to comment with and suggestions or problems