Introduction: Vintage Bookcase With Legs

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

Because I did not take pictures of the above steps, I drew what I did.

I had a vertical bookcase, which was awkward to use. So I decided to change it.

Step 1:

I disarmed the entire cabinet (which had made myself) and cut the shelves.

After i hid the screwheads, with the appropiate paste, y painted two coats of white, and two coats of turquoise paint.

Step 2: Refurbishing Legs!

This is the part that makes me feel more proud.

These legs belong to a desk that my aunt was going to bounce. I asked her to give me the legs for my next instructable It was her first desk

So, i sanded and add water to see how there going to be.

And also remove the extra parts.

Step 3: In My House

Then i took the sanded legs to my house, where i cut them in a 90 degrees angle. And cut it a little, because there where too long.

I gave three layers of lacquer

Step 4: Make a Template for the Dowels

I started making a square on a piece of cardboard, trace the legs, marked an X and did other marks where the dowels will be.

I use the template for the legs and the case.

Then drill the whole marks. (4 in each leg, and 4 in every corner of the base)

Step 5: Glue the Dowels

Put pva glue in the dowels, and the base of the case.

For the safety of my floor, i inserted some nails with plastic head, that i had for another proyect. Drill a smaller hole in the center of each leg.

I do not even remember where I found the plasticheaded nails

Step 6: And Thats All!

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