Introduction: Violin Mute

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This is my first instructable so I want to show you a very simple idea and at the same time a very practical one. It happens some times that I need to practice with my violin at night or just not bother my neighboors, so I needed a mute for my violin. I looked online and they are not so expensive but I thought about making one because...why not,right? So as some of them are made of sillicon I thought about using a rubber and it turned out great! It takes a bit of working with the rubber but the final result is very good and you can personalize as you want. Any rubber will work but if it is tougher it will mute more the sound.

Step 1: First Attempt

I just grabbed a rubber to check if it would work and it did, so I got a fancier rubber.

Step 2: Check That It Covers the Bridge

Check the rubbers that are used for artistic purposes.

Step 3: Mark and Make the Cuts for the Strings

Make the cuts big enough so it can fit in the bridge, maybe if the cuts are made perfect so the rubber touches the string gently it will mute better yet, I didn't try this yet, I leave it as homework.

Step 4: Place It and Try It!

I leave a sample of how it works. I hope someone find it useful.

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