Introduction: Virtual Bike Trainer

Long gone the days of having to go and bike in crowded places such as cities or crowded areas. For some people, they have no choice, and the only way to the bike was in areas with them having risks such as hitting people or cars. Imagine being able to be in your city house biking out among tree coated hills and streams gushing with life, or biking around your dream holiday destination like Hawaii, admiring the golden beaches. All from the comfort of your home? Nah, surely not! Well, in quarantine, I found a little bits kit that I knew I had to make use of so, I did!



Bike Trainer (Picture below)


Makey Makey (I used the one out of a little bits kit)


Micro-Usb cord

Magnetic Window Sensor

Mount for magnetic window sensor

Step 1: Bike and Setup

With all the things you need, you will set the bike on the trainer. Then you get the Makey Makey, wires, the micro-USB cord, the magnetic window sensor, and set it up. Using a mount, mount the magnetic window sensor wired side (The one where the cords will attach into) on the actual bike and the other magnetic sensor that has no wire attachment screws on the pedal with adhesive tape like the picture shows (I found mounting the sensors on the wheel not register when at high speeds). I made a mount out of Lego, but anything like 3D printing would work. Running wires out of the sensor mounted to the bike, I wound them around the frame up to the Makey Makey mounted on the bars as it was the most elegant place for me.

Step 2: Game

Setting up the game was super easy with little code. I made the game in Unity as it is free and easy to use.

I've added all the files to a google drive download. Just download and import it into Unity. The game files are basic for you to experiment with it and has lots of areas to expand. It only has movement and a surface.

Link to Download it :

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