Introduction: Declutter Your Life!

If you are very stressed in life it may be because thing aren't organised! I started by sorting out my bedroom closet. This is a great place to start as if it's where you keep your clothes, it will probably be where you go to first thin in the morning and again any time you need to change your outfit during the day. I used to find it hard to keep my closet clean and tidy but I've learnt over time how to manage it better. Today I will give you some of my best tips to you help with this!

First tip is don't pull everything out. Pulling everything out of the closet can overwhelm you and make you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. And if you don't get it finished and want to sleep, or use your room for something else, then you things will be everywhere!


Some things you need are :

  • Some cleaning supplies like cloths, vacuum cleaner, some cleaning products (If it's that dirty).
  • A few hampers/boxes or anything to put dirty clothes, clothes to give away, old books and things like that.
  • A rubbish bin.

Lets get into it!

Step 1: Clothes

I like to start with clearing out my dirty clothes because if I have any washing I can get it directly into the washing machine and when I finish decluttering, I can hang it out to dry (or put it in the clothes dryer if you have one). When organising clothes sort them into similar groups for example: tops, shorts, long pants, jerseys, socks, underpants, long tops, jackets and anything else you have. Make sure have a designated place to store everything. If you have no storage in your room, consider using the space under your bed (if you have some), or hanging as many of your clothes in your closet or into your draws.

Tips for keeping your clothes neat:

  • If you have trouble folding your clothes use a folder to keep them neat (pictured above).
  • Use little storage baskets (also pictured above).
  • Hang as many as you can on clothes hangers.
  • If you have clothing (uniform, work clothes) that gets used frequently keep that in a easy-to-reach place

Step 2: Shelves / Other / Storage

Next move onto the shelves/other things you may have. I have shelves and I have a box full of random things. So I started by sorting though that. Begin by sorting your things into piles. Books, pens, rubbish and any other things you have in there. Also I had some boxes in my closet that things were stored in so I cleaned them out and sorted things into piles, see pictures above for examples.

Step 3: More Storage!

If you have any other larger storage above your closet (pictured above)or just any other large storage spaces then here are some simple tips for sorting this. When I declutter up these areas I normally pull everything out because there isn't many thing in there but, if you have lots of things in there then its best to do it section by section.

Here are the other tips

  • Have sections for sentimental things on a certain side so you can find that stuff easier.
  • Try to keep as little as possible as if it is high up, you have more of a chance for things to fall, and potentially break.
  • This is where the stuff that is more precious / things that you don't use often as sometimes these places are hard to get to without a stool or something to reach.
  • I don't like to store things onto of the closet ( if it has room) as for me it feels as it makes the room feel smaller with things towering over me.
  • For sentimental things I like to store them in boxes or in folders ( For paper things) so that nothing gets ruined and it kept in one place.

And that's it for all my tips! Now you can enjoy having a clean closet and being less stressed!

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