Introduction: Visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

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The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a recently (May 2010) opened hall of fame dedicated to the auto racing sport of NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing). If you are visiting Charlotte, North Carolina this is a wonderful stop to make that will be fun for the whole family! This Instructable will give you a virtual tour of the museum while giving you tips and tricks of what to do.

Step 1: Entering

As you approach the hall of fame you will notice a gigantic metal band running across the front of the building. This band not only adds to the architectural uniqueness of the museum, but also represents the long and unique history of the sport, and also by being the same length as the backstretch of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. When you get to the ticket booths, you will see a line of people outside. Don't worry about waiting, however, because you can go inside and there is another ticket office that not as many people know about. When purchasing tickets, the best value is the combo pack ticket, which allows you to experience the entire museum while also visiting the more exclusive exhibits, such as the simulator cars in step five. You also will receive a Hard Card (step 2), a souvenir lanyard, and a map brochure. The combo pack costs $27 for adults and $20 for kids 5-12.

Step 2: Your Map and Hard Card

As stated, with the combo admission package you will get a lanyard, a map booklet, and a Hard Card. The brochure will tell you all you need to know to have a fun visit to the hall. It includes a map of the museum, ticket information, and exhibit locations. It will also give you information about your Hard Card. Your hard card will allow you to visit exclusive exhibits, take pictures, and get free food at the cafe. To use it just place the printed portion of the card in the slot, and your simulation will begin.

Step 3: The Movie Screen

The first thing you will view after entering it a short video about the history of NASCAR on a gigantic movie screen. After this you exit the doors at the BACK (top) of the room.

Step 4: The Glory Road

As you exit the movie, you will see the first, and biggest, exhibit: Glory Road. This extensive lineup of historic to modern cars shows just how much the sport, and cars, have changed over the years. There are also places where you can go up onto the exhibit and feel what it's like to stand on various degrees of track banking (tilt).

Step 5: Other Exhibits

Throughout the museum there are various other exhibits. There is a team walkthrough, engine and car parts, historic cars, behind the scenes, and driving simulators.

Step 6: The Main Simulator

The most popular attraction in the museum is the car simulator. In this simulator, you get into a modified NASCAR race car and you can practice drive a car in a video-game style race. A Hard Card is required to participate, but if you don't have one, it costs $5. You will have to pick a nickname, and you will race against 15 other visitors. After the race you will receive a souvenir piece of paper that will show the race results. (If you don't want to keep it, it makes a wonderful paper airplane ;) ).

Step 7: The Suggestion Box

At the end of your tour there is a box where you can comment on your visit. You can post complements, complaints, questions, ideas, or just make a joke!

Step 8: The Cafe

On the second floor there is a cafe where you can have lunch. If you have a Hard Card you can get certain foods for free here.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Visit!

I hope this Instructable has told you everything you need to know to have a fun visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame! Thanks for viewing and have a good time! P.S. more info is on the next step!

Step 10: Website and Phone Number

The HOF's website is Their phone numbers are (704)-654-4400/889-902-6463. Their address is 400 East Martin Luther King BLVD, Charlotte, NC, 28202.

Step 11: NOTE