Introduction: Volkswagen VW New Beetle Golf Mk4 Jetta Bora 1J Glove Box Not Latching Dropping Down Lid Repair Fix Kit Instruction Install Guide

The problem

The latches on your glove box lid snap / retract leading to the lid not shutting or dropping down.

The retaining pins / prongs / lugs on your glove box which retract when you pull the lever on the lid often become damaged either getting stuck within the internals of the lid door or snap off. The prongs often retract too far within the lid and no longer spring out keeping the lid shut. The internal components are very weak and accessing them to attempt to fix the lugs can damage the lid and often this is only a temporary solution.

Symptoms of the fault

The glove box lid won’t close or latch shut. Alternatively the lid may only latch on one corner or keep dropping down.

Vehicles affected

1999+ New Beetle

2000-2004 VW Golf MK 4 1J

2000-2006 VW Jetta / Bora A4 1J

Please note; to be compatible with the vehicles listed above you must ensure that the glove box has rubber bump stops with a screw in the middle on the upper section of the glove box as shown in our listing images.

Associated part numbers:

1C2857097D, 1C2857097D3SG, 1C2857097L3SG,

The solution

Fit our repair kit and fix the lid on your glove box simply and permanently.

Our repair kit allows you to restore the function of your glove box with no need to rely upon the poor quality latching mechanism on your glove box lid.

Our item simply replaces the rubber grommets on the glove box with strong magnets, by fitting our subtle metal receivers on the glove box lid these enable the glove box to be closed tightly and securely without the use of the lid mechanism which fails.

A very simple repair (please check out our instructions and video in this listing) which can be carried out in situ on the glove box with no need to remove / split open the glove box door.

A great alternative to replacing the whole glove box assembly which would just fail again.

Our magnetic latching kit allows you to continue to use the glove box completely as normal, a very discreet solution to a very common fault.

What you’ll receive:

Our kit includes the parts shown 2x high strength magnets, 2x countersunk magnets, 2x magnet fastening screws, 2x Black countersunk washers, 2x Black countersunk screws.

Available exclusively from X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove the Lid Stoppers

  • Using a T20 Torx screw driver remove both of the glove box lid stoppers.
  • The Torx screws are located in the center of the stopper

Step 2: Fit the Countersunk Screw and Magnets in Place of the Stopper

  • Replace the parts you just removed with the silver Philips countersunk screw and countersunk magnet supplied in our kit.
  • When fitting the countersunk screw it's not necessary to tighten the screws too tight as this will damage the magnet - gently nip the screw up.
  • With the countersunk screw and magnet in place its time to fit the larger magnet, push in the recess, this will locate its self.
  • There are 2 black magnet covers supplied within your kit if you wish to fit these for aesthetics reasons only.

Step 3: Fit the Black Countersunk Screw and Washer to the Lid

  • Located on the inside of the glove box lid, you will see two marks - one on either side from the lid rubbing on the stoppers over time.
  • Align the screw to the center of that mark and screw in place.
  • Try to fit the screw as central as possible.
  • Once you have the hole tapped remove the screw and fit it with the washer on both sides.
  • You can now test the lid, it will retain tightly on the magnets and restore function to your glove box lid.

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Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

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