Introduction: Von Koch Lamp Shade

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Like fractals?

Here's a suggestion for making a fractal lamp shade.

In this instructable, we'll be making a simple decoration lamp based on the von Koch fractal.

It makes a great bed side table lamp or ambient light.

Step 1: Material and Tools

For this project you'll need:

-3D printed shade/vase, lamp holder support and a through wall fitting - can be found in this link:

-lamp holder size E14 (referred in this tutorial), or E27;

-lamp (same size as holder) - I've opted for a LED lamp - using an RGB lamp would be awesome;

-wire, switch and plug (in this case, all in one kit);

-glue (super glue);

-driller and several size drill bits;

-zip tie - to act as a wire stopper;

-needle nose pliers.

Step 2: 3D Printing, Construction/assembly

I've 3D printed the shade and the lamp holders support separately in order to improve the lamp shade quality. The shade was printed in vase mode and the hole for the electrical wire was drilled later. Due to the thin wall and to avoid the vase from tearing, it's advisable to use several drill bite sizes in incremental steps and the use of a through wall fitting for the electric wire (could be a 3D printed one; available in the lamp shade link).

To avoid tension in the lamps holder terminals, I've added a zip tie to the electrical wire, it will be inside the shade so it'll not be noticeable (please see the pictures).

The electrical wiring is straight forward, however please always be careful when dealing with electricity: it is obvious but, all electrical wiring must be done with the wires unplugged/disconnected from the grid.

As you can see in the images, you just need to push the terminals inside the lamp holder connectors.

Once done, just glue (e.g. super glue, hot glue) the lamp holder support to the lamp shade base as shown in the pictures. Some long pliers (needle nose pliers) will come handy for this task.

And that's it,the lamp is ready. Once you have all the material, the assembly takes less than half an hour to be completed.