Introduction: WATER WHEEL for Kids

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Any one think about your childhood??? I think, I remember about my childhood. It is very precious for me. Sometime I am trying to become a child. But not happened that. I love children. They are the future. The children have special abilities, they have good observation skill than us, anything in front of their, they observe it. They acquire any skills easily, but adults make more time to acquire that. Children are very special, they need special care, every day we give some new things and ideas to their hand.

Everything is came from nature. So give time for play with nature. Creativity came from nature. Creativity make a Human to be great. Not give any restriction to the children, because childhood never come back.

So here I am presenting a New type of WATER WHEEL. I believed that it is very good toy for children. I am made it in my childhood, I studied it from my parents.

This water wheel has no expenses. All parts are from nature only (no man made things). I don't know, these are available in your place. If not, use alternatives. OK.

Lets start it !!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Theory of Water Wheel

Water wheel working is very simple. The simple toy water wheel's large precise model is used to generate hydro electric power. So it is very useful for us. The water wheel is rotate in it's axis itself by using the energy of water flow. We know that "Energy neither can be created nor be destroyed". So it convert the kinetic energy of water to mechanical energy. So basically it is an energy conversion machine. So here we create a machine toy.

How get rotating energy?

The water flows downwards due to the gravitational attraction. That is when water is at a height, the gravity attract it, so the water posses a potential energy. So the water like to loss the potential energy and take rest at ground state. So the water flows down by convert the static potential energy to moving kinetic energy for take rest at ground state. We use the kinetic energy of water to rotate the water wheel. In hydro electric power plant, there is a large dam at very high to sore water with high potential energy. Then it is taken down through pen-stokes to produce kinetic energy and finally rotate the water wheel ( turbine) at the bottom. Here we do not need a dam because it is a toy. It is rotates when it places at tiny water stream all below the water tap.

How rotate it?

The water wheel has many flat blades, it is connected to the main center shaft. The wheel is assembled to rotate freely in its central axle. So when water is fores the blade forward, then the blade move forward direction, at that time next blade come in the position of previous moved blade and this process continuous until the water flow stops. This continuous motion of blades produce a continuous rotational motion of water wheel. The energy is taken from the water kinetic energy so its flow speed reduces. It seems only when the water stream is narrow. Because it uses only small amount of energy.

Step 2: Preparing Materials for Water Wheel

It do not need any material from shops. It need only natures materials. So it is a green toy. It recycles by the nature it self. So this toy is pollution free and Eco friendly.

The needed materials and tools given below,


Plantain inner stem - 5 c.m

Coconut leaf - 7 nos.




Step 3: Plantain Stem Cutting

The plantain stem cutting procedure is given in the video.

  • Take the plantain inner stem, which have a perfect cylindrical shape
  • Cut it at a 3 c.m width
  • Clean the two sides
  • Divide the perimeter (cylindrical surface) into 8 equal parts
  • Mark a point at the center point of each parts
  • Make a small hole in the marking with the help of scissor edge

All procedures are given in the above images

Step 4: Blade Making From Coconut Leafs

The water wheel blades are make by using coconut leafs.

steps are given below

  • Take coconut leafs
  • Cut it into 6 c.m long pieces using knife (8 pieces)
  • Remove the leaf blade from each piece at a length of 1.5 c.m from one side
  • Clean the mid rib of the leaf at the blade removed portion

The procedures are given in the above image.

Step 5: Assembling of Water Wheel

We prepared all the materials. Now it is the time for final assembly.

The steps are given below.

  • Take 8 blades which makes in the previous step
  • The naked midrib of blades are push and fit into the prepared holes in the plantain stem.
  • Take a plantain leaf and cut it at 15 c.m.
  • Remove its leaf blade
  • Sharpen it one side
  • It is put at the center of the plantain stem
  • Make it sure that wheel is freely rotate


Step 6: Testing

Our water wheel is completed. It is time for testing. Take the water wheel and hold it in hand and place below a tap and on the tap. When the water is touches the blades it is start to rotate.

Now it is fix in a place where water flow is present. It is given in the video. Refer the video.

How is this toy? I think it is very good. Because it is simple in construction. So children are itself made this toy. So they are more interested and there reasoning ability increases. This toy materials is full of from nature so no pollution its make. This need no money so, it is beneficial for all people in the world. So I dedicate it to the whole world.


Happy Christmas.....

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