Introduction: WII WALL-E!

 This is a WII wall-e constructed from mainly cardboard paper and glue.
It is very sturdy and Functional.

His body holds the WII Securely in a shelf. His eyes light up blue when system is powered on. He is complete with a large storage are right below the WII Big enough to hold several controllers nun-chucks, and games. The black table liner inside the storage are keeps everything safe. The triangular cardboard holding the body off the ground is very strong and can hold the weight of the WII and accessory's.
I hope you like this and please rate it up if you do.

Things you will need

-Cardboard (Strong, thin, etc.....)
-Hot glue (and gun)
-Black drawer liner
-Circular piece of clear plastic/glass x2
-Exacto Knife
-2 Led's
-Usb Cable (Power the lights)
-Paper (silver or grey for eyes - yellow for body)
-Distress ink or brown ink pad (make wall-e look weathered)
-Paper glue
-Velcro (Detachable arms)
-Tape measurer

Step 1: Main Body

The first step to constructing wall-e is the main body. His main structure is a box, but you also got the opening for the neck, WII, and storage area.

First you need to choose your size of square, i just measured the size of the wii and made it around four inches bigger be sure to make it a perfect square.

Now start constructing the box temporarily tape one side to the other then hot glue it for strength. For now leave the front of the square open 

Repeat until you get to the top cut out a square the size in the picture, this will be where the neck goes.

Step 2: WII Shelf

Now you need a supporting shelf to hold the WII up

First get a strong piece of cardboard and cut a shelf to fit inside the WII exactly like the picture.

Now glue it into place and cut out two more strips and place them on the top shelf in the picture below.

Cut two covers to go over the space you just created

And finally cut the back out for the av cords, power, and usb

Step 3: The Eyes

Now you need to construct the eyes, they are kind of like goggles.

Draw a tear drop like shape (refer to image) and cut it out. (make two of these)

Now make two more for the back.

Cut the circle for the eye and glue it into place.

now cut two strips of thin cardboard and glue it around the eyes.

now make two half circle cylinders (refer to picture)

and put them together with a rectangle (out of cardboard)

seal off the back of the cylinders with a piece of cardboard 


Take your usb and strip the wires.

take six more wires and split the existing ones into two (refer to image)

Attach the LEDS to each end for the eyes and glue the wires so they don't disconnect.

Cut the holes in the eyes and put the LEDS through 

Now seal it all up and glue it.

Step 4: The Tracks

Now wall-e needs Some Tacks to roll on.

I used black drawer liner for this but if you can find anything else that works thats fine. 

Make a triangle like the picture to support the sides

Glue them on 

Cut the tracks out of the liner and glue the track in one piece so they can be detachable 

Step 5: Front Side

Now you need to touch up the front of wall-e.

Cut one piece to cover the top section (be sure to cut a hole for the WII to go in the shelf)

Now extend the area around the storage (refer to picture)

Now make a cover to go over the storage area and attach it on bottom with a strip of paper allowing it to open and close.

(Optional) apply the liner with hot glue to make things look nicer.

Step 6: The Neck

Now you need something to hold wall-e's eyes up.

create a shape like in the picture then run the usb cord through the neck and create a hole out the back for it to come out and plug in the WII

now you need to glue it all in place.

Step 7: The Arms

Now we need to give wall-e some arms

Cut out a circle with a rectangle like in the picture (Make four of these)

now cut strips and glue the arms together. (refer to picture)

Next we will make extend-able arms create two tubes that fit loosely in the arms you just created glue them together and next we make hands

The hands are really simple and self explanatory just follow the images its basically a piece of cardboard folded

Step 8: The Color!!!!

Now i can really explain in detail how to do this all you do is cut the paper to ft on all your pieces cover the whole thing 
and make it nice but the images below show the whole process. 

Step 9: Make Wall-e Look Weathered and Dirty

Now for this i used Brown distress ink vintage photo and rubbed it on the papers edges to get the effect but i guess you could do it with a brown ink pad.

Step 10: Attach the Arms

Now you need to attach the arms i used Velcro because of the ability to change the arms position any way i wanted.

First attach a Velcro square to the arms and body 

Make sure they line up and stick right 

now you can make wall-e's arms go anyway you like

Step 11: Gears!

Now you need to print out a image of gears online I used this one

Now cut them out and fit them inside his tracks.

Then hot glue them

Now you are finished creating your very own WII WALL-E

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