Nice Firewood Rack
Ope you like it

Step 1: Parts

This is all the pieces you will need,

4 Piese for the base, 2 little more narow than the other

6 Small parts for the structure

4 Larger parts for the main structure

No mesures, so you can make it fit to your needs

Step 2: Feets

Attach the feets to one of  the bigest rounded piece of wood, then attach the second, narrow part to te feet, the distance is the same of the wood your using.

Need to do 2 of these

Step 3: Columns

Remember you need to do 2 of this columns

Now, you need to put togheter these pieces in the way is shown, again no measures, so you can do your own needs, mine its the same hig than my window.

Step 4: Attach the Feet to the Column

These step can be very annoing, just try to keept te feet in 90° degrees, but dont get crazy abaout it, the weith of the firewooe will kep it strait

Step 5: Now the Cover

Once again, the long of the wood dependes of your need

put these 4 boards togueter and then screw it or nail it.

Step 6: Done

Sorry if this was a kind of mess, but even whe im speak english, i have a kind of trouble wrinting it

ope you like it and this was my first instructable