Walk and Shoot BT VR Station - Arduino

Introduction: Walk and Shoot BT VR Station - Arduino

Now all of us have android mobiles, mostly with gyroscope, So Virtual reality is all in our hands. In market lot of cheap VR glasses and Bluetooth gamepad controller are available. But it not very realistic when compare to VR station. So i plan to develop a very very cheap VR accessories with low cost Bluetooth controller. So start up with walking front and back, Shooting, change weapon are my goals. I hack the bluetooth gamepad controller So all the games support the Buletooth game pad can able to play.

1) For Safety Tilt a big table upside down and walk inside the table.

2) If U want to play freely go to play ground with friends and ask them to watch you.

3) Don't play alone when play freely.

Step 1: Materials Required


1) Bluetooth gamepad Controller - 5$.

2) Ant Vr Head set - 5$.

3) Arduino uno - 6 $.

4) Old Gun from TV video game.

5) 5V Relay Module 2 Nos - 3$

6) 9V battery 1Nos

7) Lot of wires.

8) Plain PCB.

9) Male and Female Header.

10) Shokes one pair.

11) Water Bottle.

12) Quick Open belt hook.

Tools Required

1) Soldering iron, Lead and Paste.

2) Hot glue gun.

3) Filing Tool.

4) Screw Drivers.

5) Multimeter.

Step 2: Study Bluetooth Controller Circuit

1) First step is to study the Bluetooth gamepad controller circuit and Check we able to hack it from external.

2) Check with out battery and found the following



P10-Front Switch1-Front Switch2

Apart from that two variable resisters from joystick.

All this are work with voltage difference. For example SW1 gives P8 some voltage 1.58 some tihing like wise SW2 gives P8 some different voltage. When button pressed voltage pass and correspondent button called.

Now I plan to control Two front buttons and Front and Back joy stick button.

3) while tested with Wire piece its found Swith 1 and 2 works properly just shot with P10 Pin. But for joy stick, by shot the center and back works fine but not able to control Front. Check and Found Voltage less than Center pin required. While tested with Front Swith2 its found Front movement is also correct.

I use the app game pad Tester to check the functions of the key on Android. Before open the Controller check all the buttons and note the code for each button.

Step 3: Study Forward and Reverse Step

1) I study about how to track the leg movement for front and Back.

2) So i take a picture from web and tested how many sensors want to fitted to track the motion forward or reverse.

3) Simply i use 2 sensors in one leg to control the movement.


1) See the above picture its self explanatory.

2) I mark the sensor and its sequence while walk front and back.

3) if the signal received in this order in arduino then the arduino decide it front walk or back walk and activate the response relay.

Now all the plans and testing are over Lets start the project.

Step 4: Hack the BT Game Pad

1) The first step is to bring the wires out from the Game controller. This work need lot of concentration because its a Surface-mount technology (SMT) if soldering goes beyond the border it damage the board.

Main aim of this part is don't destroy the Blue tooth Controller. Even we take wires out, if we want we able to use it seperately.

2) I take three wires from the joy stick (only two required i study only after wiring, Front one is not required we use Front switch wire to give that signal).

3) Another three wires from the front switch. Already three wires soldered there, so be careful while soldering with that wire.

4) Use very thin wire so You able to close it again normally.

5) Bring the wires to the front side of the board through the gap in the right side of board to cover.

6) You found a small plan surface on the top of the board in the center in the buttom of the surace is the bluetooth antenna. Use that space to terminate wire.

7) Take 6 Female header and solder it in to small Plain PCB with wires correctly measured.

8) Now Cut the cover of the Controller to leave space for female header.

9) Apply Hot glue on the plain surface of the controller pcb and stick the Female header over that.

10) Now correct the wires, because all the switches legs are want to contact with switch and in the center of the pcb a piece for hold the PCB whick lock with top cover. Be patience while doing this step. It take me almost 30 minutes. Dont broke any parts.

11) Now cover it again and check its functions with switch and also short the female header with single strand wire.

Step 5: Prepare Gun First

1) We able to control switches easily so first i change the Video game gun to connect with the Blue tooth.

2) Unscrew the video game gun and found a circuit. a switch in the trigger where wires connected to common and NC(Normally Closed) of the swtich.

3) Unsolder the wire from the trigger Switch.

4) Cut the connector from the other end of the wire and check continuity for two wires and Solder the wire to the Common and NO (Normally Open) of the trigger switch.

5) Press the trigger ans check the continuity again. If ok, then close the screws.

6) Extend the Wire by add more wires to the cable end.

7) Now make a connector to connect with the female header added with the controller. So take 6 Male header and small Plain PCB. Solder the Male meader to the PCB.

8) Now Solder the Common wire from trigger to the P10 wire taken from Controller, Wire from NO go to Switch output pin in the Female header.

9) Connect the Male Header to the female header of the Bluetooth controller.

Its time to Check the Trigger.

Step 6: Check the Trigger

I download a game play with Gamepad from play store. Its control are set using game pad. Change the settings for Front and back and attack.

1) Open the Bluetooth in the mobile and Scan.

2) VR Controller Listed, Click Pair.

3) After Pair, Click the connect. After connected You can able to play game(after Press @ and C simultaneously in the controller.

4) Now use the Gun trigger to shoot. Check and found ok and Happy.

Step 7: Change Weapon

1) Put a hole in the right side of the Gun big enough for a big push button.

2) Fix the button on the hole using hot glue gun.

3) Solder the Common wire to the one end of the Push Button and the buttom switch wire to the other end.

4) Now connect the blue tooth and check the Weapon change working.

Step 8: Make Sensor

1) I dont want to go with piezo sensor because i want a durable and long standing sensor. So i make one for my own.

2) So cut a full pain pcb to 4 equal parts.

3) Solder a single strand wire in two diagonal and connect two boards together using wire and take a long wire form that, it act as Common.

4) From other two pcb's take a long wire to the Digital pins of Arduino.

Step 9: Finish the Sensor

1) For spring suspension add sponge between each PCB.

2) Cut the center of the Sponge to allow the PCB terminals to contact while press.

3) Insulate the arrangement not very tightly. Check the lead for connectivity. If continuity comes even with out press means you wrap very tightly.

4) So remove the Insulation tape and Wrap it gently and cover full board.

5) Test it using Multi meter and step over it.

Step 10: Prepare Arduino Shield

1) For each project i made new shield.

2) Same step in all projects. Take Female header and place over arduino headers, then fix a plain pcb over it and solder the male headers with PCB.

3) We need two input to arduino from Foot switch and two relay out put to controller.

4)For foot switch use Pins D12 and D13. Circuit is simple Button circuit. Short the D12 and D13 to the GND pin through 10K resistor, if 5 v is given to digital pin D12 or D13 its high and remove the voltage its low.

5) For Relay out put I use the pins D6 and D7. I use 5V relay module then simply take from arduino.

6) Connect the Common from joystick to the common of one relay and connect the NO of the relay to the Back side pin of the joy stick.

6) Connect the Common from first relay to the common of second relay and connect the NO of the relay to the Front side lower button of the controller (Dont connect the joystock front terminal it never works).

Step 11: Arduino Program

1) using the stepping sequence detect whether the step is forward or reverse and control the response relay.

2) Power supply is from 9V tin battery(then only we able to move it portable)

3) Upload the program to arduino and check the relay status.

4) Here with this i attached the Program.

Step 12: Android Game and Settings

1) I download a free game from Play store Zombiestan VR.

2) Go to setting and change the settings as per the screen shot.

Step 13: Check With Android Game

Check the foot walk and gun together with Game in Android.

Step 14: Box It

1) If fitted in box want then want to search for a bag. So i found my daughter not use Water can big enough for the whole unit.

2) But it cant enter fully through the mouth.

3) So remove the shield and put Arduino uno inside first. Then Put the shield and fix it there.

4) Insulate the 9V Battery fully so its metal surface never shot circuit inside the container.

5) Insert a Quick open belt hook to bottle handle So that we easily take and put.

6) After Arduino, Shield and Battery Put inside. Take the wire for Controller and join it with the female header and place it in the top of the Container.

Step 15: Prepare to Play

1) Wear your socks. Dont wear very tight socks because it automatically press the switch and northing happen.

2) Roll the right leg socks to the toes.

3) Put the front sensor below the foot and put the socks over it.

4) Put another sensor on the Heel and roll back the socks as usual.

5) Connect with blue tooth Controller and hang the bottle on your hip side

6) Open the game and put your Vr glasses. Start the game and take gun in your hands.


1) if dont want to move stand still or sit.

Step 16: Play Game

1) Switch on the Bluetooth and Arduino. Connect the Controller to the Android mobile.

2) Open the Game (if already settings done no problem) go to settings assign the keys for attack, Front and back using the Controller.

3) Select the VR mode and start Playing.

1) For Safety Tilt a big table upside down and walk inside the table.

2) If U want to play freely go to play ground with friends and ask them to watch you.

3) Don't play alone when play freely.

Enjoy the VR games with simple walk turn and shoot. Keep enjoying. I try to upgrade more and more. Thanks for reading. Encourage me.

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    Question 4 years ago

    Hey Mate!

    Before all, that's an amazing proyect, and i'm working in a kickstarter cheap vr station project and it would be awesome if you can join in the group.

    Can u send me your whatsapp or something like this to my gmail? (ythiper@gmail.com)

    Thanks very much for all,

    Best Rewards,



    4 years ago

    Love this project! thank you for sharring and for taking such detailed notes. Its very cool to see :) keep it up!


    5 years ago

    Which are electric connections? First three pins? Other Pins?

    Thank you.

    Very good work!


    Reply 5 years ago

    I use 4 pins one for front and other for back, another one for shoot and another to change Weapon.


    5 years ago

    First thing I see WRONG with your post is, you never, ever, ever put your finger on the trigger UNTIL you are ready to shoot. Very bad practice to even do that with a game. Other then that, nice project.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Ha Ha Ha but i don't know about real guns...

    Thank you very much............