Introduction: Wall-E!!

About: I like building things with wood - both new and reclaimed wood. Profesionally I work as an exhibition builder/designer. In my spare time I build stuff with reclaimed wood.

we build a life-size Wall-E. our Wall-E will be mainly used to showcase the effects of waist disposal on our lives. the TV on wall-e displays some of the scenes with wall-e on the dumpsite cleaning everthing up.

Step 1: General Shape of Wall-e

first thing I did was watch wall-e the movie again (good movie actually) to see what wall-e looked like...and to get an idea of the dimensions we needed to build it at.

our wall-e is 120cm high, 100cm wide (including the tracks) and 80cm in depth (including the tracks)

I kept a kids size in mind because the TV had to be at about eye-level of kids.

the shape of the tracks was made with a jigsaw. then using some leftover pieces to make the tracks appear thicker

the body of wall-e was made in leftover pieces of mdf.

Step 2: The Caterpillar Tracks

to mimic the caterpillear tracks I used pieces of wood 4cm wide, 25cm long and 2cm thick. I traced them around the schape spacing them 5mm apart. secured everything with screws.

Step 3: Trail and Error..

I decided to look up some good pictures of wall-e online and used those to finish the rest of wall-e. like most of these builds it's a proces of trail and error.

the arm are the easy part. these are mostly straight and require some sanding to finish the off, the neck was also straight foreward... but those eyes...those eyes...

after a lot of mistakes (and almost calling it quits), they finally came together, I cut out the eye shape twice and then used bendable pywood to connect the 2 pieces, the middle of the eyes are old car speakers.

I also added some plywood circles on the caterpillar treads to make them a bit more realistic.

Step 4: Painting Wall-e

painting wall-e wasn't a breeze, it was a constant struggle on not using to much paint and thinning it out with water, leaving the paint on to dry or drybrushing it....

as usual with these projects it was a mixture of every tecnhique I know...

Step 5: Finishing and Mounting the Tv.

adding the TV on wall-e was - by far - the easiest part of the build.

you screw the tv bracket on wall-e and the hang the tv on the bracket. drill a pockethole throught wall-e and hide all the electronics inside wall-e.

this was a fun build to do (except the eyes...) and brings a smile on peoples faces when they see it.