Introduction: Wall Hanger

Hi I am sandhya and my partner poornima. We are from white field nook.

Today we are showing how to make wall hanger



  • Color papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue gun


Step 1: Flower


  • Take yellow color paper draw a circle like julebe shape
  • Then cut it
  • Fold it till last
  • And put the glue

Step 2: Grass


  • Take green color paper.
  • Take 8or 9 cm
  • Cut it like mountains shape
  • And roll it

Step 3: Paper Roll Stick


  • Take a blue color paper.
  • And take stick and roll it
  • Roll 8 papers with help of stick and glue
  • Take 4 small paper and 4 big paper
  • And stick one small and one big
  • Stick in a box shape

Step 4: Flower

Step: 5

  • Take a flowers and leaf stick upon the blue color box.
  • stick the flowers and leafs