Introduction: Wall Hanging Waterfall Decor With Shelf and Lights

Great thing about this waterfall, is the customization you can put into it. Creating your cool wood wall art, to display with lights and a waterfall effect.

For Those of you that like the video way of seeing how something is done, there is a link at the top of the page. If your one that likes pictures and written details, continue on. Thanks For Looking.

Step 1: Building the Main Frame and Structure of the Fountain.

I wanted my final size of the fountain to be 5' Wide, by 4' Tall. So I cut 2 studs at 4' to give my height, and 2 studs at 55 1/2" allowing for the thickness of the 2 other studs and for the 3/4" thickness of the material we will be covering the 2x4's up later. We will screw and glue these studs together to make a big box.

Next we will cut several 2x4's at 10 1/2", I had (4) 6" 2x6's Laying around my shop, So I used these as well. as seen in pictures. We will also need to cut another 2x4 at 55 1/2", These are screwed and glued to the top of the bottom support. This will later be used to support the reservoir of water.

Step 2: For Extra Support to Hold the Weight of the Water and Resevoir.

We are now going to bolt the 4 2x6's to the frame for extra support.

Start by drilling a hole, using a hole saw bit, bigger than the washer you have. In the center of the 2x6, drill deep enough to clear the thickness of the washer and head of the bolt. In my case, it was 3/8".

Next we will take a chisel and chisel out most of the material, before taking the router to it, with a 1/2" straight router bit to remove the rest of the material. Leaving a nice flat place for the washer to sit in.

Finish drilling thru the rest of the way of the boards, insert bolt, and tighten it.

Step 3: Adding the French Cleat, (this Is What Is Going to Hold It on the Wall)

French Cleat System: Is basically 2 boards with 45 degree angles cut on them. One is screwed to the wall, and the other to the item to be hung.

Cut 2 2x4's, 1 at 55 1/2" and 1 at 48".

The 48" one will be the one that gets screwed to the wall and studs where we want to display our awesome shelf and water feature. With it being 48", it will give us some play to center the project exactly where we want it.

Run both 2x4's thru the table saw, with the blade tilted at 45 degrees.

We'll attach the 55 1/2" one to the project, 12" down from the top of the frame. As shown in the picture.

We will need to cut 2 10 1/2" cripple studs to prevent bowing of the French cleat later on. I used a pocket hole jig to attach them to the French cleat, and 3" screws at the top to hold it into place.

Step 4: Build the Box/reservoir.

Box final dimensions 10 1/2" W x 55 1/2" L 12" H

Cut 2 sides out of 3/4" plywood, 12" x 54"

Cut 2 ends out of 3/4" plywood, 12" x 10 1/2"

Cut 1 bottom piece out of 3/4" plywood, 10 1/2" x 55 1/2"

Now screw and glue them all together. We will then screw it to the frame, on the shelf support we made earlier.

Cut out the pond liner a bit bigger then the inside of the reservoir, we will trim it later.

Apply contact cement to the inside of the reservoir, and pond liner. Once it is tacky to the touch (about 45-65 minutes) we will start applying it to the reservoir. Using a J roller to put it on, with as little wrinkles as possible.

Next cut the back piece that will hold our wall art, out of 1/4" backer board. (34" x 58 1/2") I used 1 1/4" screws and glue to attach it to the frame.

Step 5: Apply Your Wall Art.

Use your creativity, and have some extreme fun with this step.

this is all out of pallet wood, I ran them thru the planer, to make them all the same width. To make the design and cuts come together, without having several gaps. I also planed one side (the back side) I left the other side unplaned and not sanded, to keep with the rustic look of working with pallets.

I stained them 4 different colors, that I thought looked good together, and put together my design. They are all brad nailed and glued on. Once I had the entire wall art onto the piece, I sprayed 3 coats of (Clear Gloss) polyurethane on, to help protect against any water. This also worked out well with the LED lights that I decided to add, last minute.

Step 6: Building of the Fence Decor to Hide the Reservoir

More Pallet Wood

I ran these thru the planer as well to bring them to 4 3/4" width and 1/4" thickness.

I cut them to length at 17", and then cut dog ears on them, (45 degree angles) to give more of a fence appearance. I used a (Clear Satin) Polyurethane Finish, because I did not want a shiny appearance on this. The backside of the fence pieces are finished with (Clear Gloss) polyurethane, to resist any slight splash of water.

They are glued and brad nailed on with 3/4" brad nails.

:Note: After staining them, I wanted to get the distressed look, that is so popular with chalk paint, that's why I sanded them down with 150 grit sandpaper. As you can see in the last picture in this section, I wasn't real consistent with my sanding. More sanding on others and less on some, to give it an aged look. I am really happy how this turned out.

Step 7: Water Delivery System and Shelf.

Using 3/4" PVC, I cut a long rectangular shape, (as seen in picture) to split the water evenly in 2 directions

Drill holes every 1", with 1/4" drill bit in a straight line, I used a chalk line to keep mine straight.

Measure to the center of your wall art, and 2" down. Drill a 2" hole to allow the water delivery system to the front of the wall art.

I had a piece of oak, laying around in my shop, I used this to make a cover to hide the water delivery system. It will end up looking like a "C" or "U". Cut 1 at 5' and two at 8", I used pocket holes to attach the shorter boards to the long one.

Attach the pvc to the oak board, with "C" straps.

Attach the oak board to the top of the fountain, leaving 3/4" clearance at the top to allow for, the 3/4" shelf Material.

Step 8: Wrapping It All Up.

Add the 3 1/2" x 3/4" pieces to cover up the last of the exposed 2x4's.

Run your electrical, hook up your pump.

Add the top shelf and crown molding.

Step 9: Hanging the Waterfall and Shelf.

Mark your studs, and level it off. Screw the French Cleat to the wall where you'd like to display your awesome, conversational piece of art, Shelf to display some items. The Lights and water will get people to look at your shelf, and the items you choose to display. Thanks For Looking

Ask me any questions you have, I will help you build this.

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