Introduction: Haunted House With Fog Machine. Creative Display Decoration, Mean Pumpkin and Ghosts Prop.

Step 1: Draw Up Your Ideas on Paper.

This is where you want to decide if your going for a haunted house look with windows, or in this case what I decided to do, was to have 2 ghosts on one side of the house, and a scary pumpkin shooting fog out of his nose every 10 mins.

Step 2: Starting Construction

Lay out the base for your haunted house.

Step 3: Continue Construction

Continue laying down boxes to the appropriate colors. Note is the next step, when you get to the nose of the pumpkin and mouth of the ghosts, we are going to insert the boxes that I built to allow the fog to make this magic happen.

Step 4: These Are the Boxes for the Fog.

I simply measured 6 12 pack boxes of soda, and built an empty box of these dimensions, all out of scrap from my shop. The entrance for the fog hose is 3" in diameter. The front side of the box that people see is completely open to allow the fog to escape.

Step 5: Exit for Fog Thru Nose and Mouth.

With the ghosts mouth, I took some black posterboard, and cut out the word (BOO). So when the fog comes out, it makes a cool looking appearance and spectators are reading the ghosts mouth, and fog starts to come out.

And with the nose of the pumpkin, I cut out the end of a Pepsi Max 12pk, and cut out the Pepsi Logo for the fog to exit out, as seen in the video.

Step 6: Build the Roof.

This is by far the fun part of the building process. You will need to tape several empty boxes together, and then tape them together to form the roof.

Step 7: Insert the Blown Up Ghost

Continue to tape empty Pepsi Max boxes together to form long sticks the length of the haunted house. You will need to cut around the blown up ghost. I stuck some Pepsi boxes to get more height out of the ghost. that you'll see in later pics. The long strips of the roof are taped to the two ends. I also took and added a couple of full Pepsi 12pks to help hold up the roof.

Step 8: Run the Piping for Fog Machine.

I used 3" RV sewage drain piping because it was the cheapest stuff I could find. $18 for 4 15' length of hoses. I used 3, 3" Y PVC's to direct the fog, where I wanted it to go.

Step 9: Decorate the Haunted House.

I used cobwebs and spiders, and a scary animated man.

Step 10: Turn on Fog Machine.

Turn the fog machine on the timer, and watch the Halloween Spirit Start to spread. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed. More of these type of displays are to come.

Step 11:

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