Introduction: Wall Lamp

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What?!What is that?!

It's a lamp attached on the wall.

This project is a very very easy project.You don't even need to read the whole tutorial to make it.You just need to look at the picture above and you already know how to make it.Anyway,I will teach you in details.

Step 1: Preparation

You will need

  1. LED strip(1 is enough)
  2. Cordless screw driver battery(or any suitable power source)
  3. Tape
  4. Paperclip
  5. Rubberband
  6. Wires(the LED strip should come with the wires if not mistaken.I didn't buy,my father gave me.)
  7. pliers

Step 2: Wire Add On

  1. Just take your paperclip and bend the inner clip with like the photo.
  2. Attach it to both of the wire.(Actually attach to one wire is enough.)

Step 3: 'Wiring'

  1. Take the wires with the paperclip and attach it to the battery.If the LED strip did not light up,try to switch the position of the wires.PLEASE BE CAREFUL.Don't take the paperclip!!!Although the electricity power is low,it still may giving you a shock.I won't responsible for any accident.I once spark up fire during this step,almost could burn my room.Believe or not,its happened right in front of my eye!!!!There should be a warning on the cordless screw driver battery.
  2. Remember the position of the wire.

Step 4: Attaching the Wires

  1. Take the rubber band and make some loop to ensure it is tight.
  2. Secure the wire with the rubber band.
  3. Check again whether the LED strip light up or not.

Step 5: Switching It Off

1.To switch off,simply take out one wire.

Step 6: Putting It on the Wall

Simply find your dedicated place and stick it with some tape.

Step 7: Warning and Notes

  1. Do not simply attach the wires.Like I said it may spark up fire.I won't responsible for any accident.
  2. Do not look directly to the LED strip when it is turned on.It will damage your eye.
  3. If the battery is finished,simply recharge it.
  4. Try what will happen if you play shadow game with this. :)

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