Introduction: Moveable Action Figure Out of Recycled Items

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Well,when you saw an action figure and you want to buy it.But its too expensive.Why don't you make it yourself?
In this Instructable,I gonna show you how you can make your own action figure out of recycled items. My figure was made from cardboards and bamboo sticks.

Step 1: Preparation

1)Items you need(according to my design)


-bamboo sticks

2)Tools you need


-super glue(or a glue that could sticks different type of materials)

-glue(common glue that we use,recommend the one in liquid form)

-something that can poke hole on cardboard



3)Must have stuff


Step 2: How to Do It?

Well,I don't know.

There's no way I can teach you how to do your OWN FIGURE!!!


Anyway I will teach you how to make your figure moveable by making joins in next step.

Step 3: Simple Join

Join on our body like ankle can only move up and down and not right or left.(If yes,you should go to hospital instead of reading this)

So this is gonna so simple.

  1. Make a cube without two cover upside and downside.
  2. Poke 2 hole that face each other
  3. Next make another part that you want and poke two holes like you poke it at the previous part
  4. Then just put in the bamboo stick
  5. Next make a "stopper" with a hole at the centre and glue it onto the bamboo stick with super glue to stop the parts and bamboo from loosing.1cm x 1 cm should be big enough.
  6. With some more patience and imagination you should get what I got or better!!!

I didn't shoot picture when I make my figure parts,so I can only teach you with pictures.Sorry about that.

Step 4: Advanced Join

Join on our body like neck can turn our head up,down,left,right.

The join on the last step can only turn in one direction.But this join will able to turn in any direction.

  1. Make the cube without cover on upside and downside like you make at the last step.
  2. Poke holes on each side but 2 of the sides that facing each other must poke slightly down than the other 2 face
  3. Put in bamboo sticks on each sides.Poke the hole that is slightly down bigger if you cannot put the bamboo sticks through the hole.
  4. Like last step,glue the 'stopper'
  5. Now your part is ready to move in any directions.

Step 5: Add On

When you glue all the figure parts together you are basically done.Of course you can add some more parts like weapons,body armor,even fingers!!!(which is I working for it now.)

Step 6: Tips

  1. Making prototype is advised to do.You can use common material like paper to make prototype instead of wasting cardboard.(Cardboard in this project is very 'valuable' )
  2. Out of ideas?Internet to the rescue!!!!
  3. Parts that you glue always loosing out?Don't apply too much or too less glue on the parts.You can also use a clip to secure them.
  4. Painting your figure will also make your figure better and cooler!

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