Introduction: Wall Mount Guitar Hero Guitar Rack

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In this instuctable I will explain how to quickly make a nice looking wall mount for Guitar hero/ rock band controllers. I like to get things off the floor whenever possible and on a lazy Sunday decided to build this rack. If you need one also I hope this helps.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

1 1/8" dry wall screws
20" X8"x 3/4" MDF
Paint (optional)

For this rack I used 3/4 inch MDF scraps I had in my garage. You will need a piece at least 20" x 8" to build it the same that I did.

Tools required:

1 3/4" Hold Saw
Table saw (a jig saw, circular saw, or band saw would work also)
1/8 pilot drill bit
Philips driver bit
Cordless drill
Tape Measure
Router (optional)

Step 2: Cut the 2 Pieces of Wood

Cut the 2 pieces of wood 4" x 20", One of them is the top plate which will be used to hold the guitars, the other will be used to fasten the mount to the wall.

Step 3: Drill and Cut Your Guitar Holes

Take one of the 2 boards and using the attached pattern and the 1 3/4" hole saw drill 2 holes spaced evenly across the board.

Next cut from the edge of the board to the hole creating a slot to insert the guitar in.

Note that I have the Wii Gibson Style Guitars and it is likely that the dimensions will be different for other brands and styles, Just make sure that they don't hit each other when hanging, The hole you drill is not big enough for the controller to fall through and there is enough space to insert them into the holder.

Step 4: Round Over Edges

This is an optional step but I used a router and a round-over bit to make the edges look nice. If you have access to one I highly recommend it as it looks much better this way.

Step 5: Attach the 2 Wood Parts Together

Take the two pieces of wood and screw them together. Ensure to drill a pilot hole so that the wood does not split. In this step you will be forming an L with the boards.

I didn't take pictures of this step or dimension the screws so use your best judgment. Also it may not hurt to put some wood glue between the boards.

Step 6: Paint, Mount, and Enjoy.

I decided this would look good in black so I used a can of spray paint I had lying around and painted the rack. I even went as far to hit it with a layer of clear coat.

The next step is to mount it to a wall. One of the main reasons I made it 20 inches wide is so that I could mount it to 2 suds (which are 18 inches on centers) I used a stud finder and an level to ensure mounting straight. I screwed it into the wall and now have a nice mount for my controllers.

If I were to do the project again I might make the mount bigger so I can use the top as a shelf for other wii accessories and maybe a place to put games..