Introduction: Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces (for Under $10!)

I wanted to hang up some candles in my bathroom (how delightfully indulgent of me, eh?) but couldn't find any wall-mounted ways of putting candles up that wasn't very expensive... so I was wandering the dollar store one day and found a bunch of supplies and now we can all make our own candle sconces for cheap!

Step 1: Materials

I got many of these materials at the dollar store--well, specifically, the "99 Cents Only" stores we have all over LA... I don't recall the dollar stores back on the east coast being so well-stocked, so those who don't have these lovely 99c stores nearby may have to find slightly pricier alternatives.. but check discount hobby stores, gardening supply stores, craft stores, etc., too.

For each sconce you want to make (I made 2), you will need...

1 mini decorative wire garden fence (about 8" tall, $0.99 each)
1 candle (got the green-apple scented ones for $0.99 a piece)
5-7 mini cable ties (I got black because the wire fencing is black; I got them at a local small hardware store. You can use electrical tape instead, if you want. The whole pack was $2.79, the electrical tape was $1.69.)
2 frame hangers
2 small nails    (A pack of a bunch of hangers/nails was $1.99.)


- Needle-nose pliers
- Hammer
- Scissors (if your pliers can't cut the cable ties or tape)

Step 2: Bend 'er Up.

Use your pliers or your own brute strength to bend the mini-fencing into a triangle.

Step 3: Tie the Triangle Together

Use the cable ties to hold the edges of the triangle together. Place them wherever they're least likely to shift around depending on the setup of your fencing's wires, and be sure to pull them as tight as possible. Needlenose pliers work great for this.

Step 4: Make the Base

Make the base so your candles don't fall down:

1. Fold in the "pegs" that would go into the ground (using either pliers or your hands, whatever works best for you) so they form an evenly-spaced wedge within the triangle. (See the photos.)

2. Attach three cable ties:
- One from the edge to a peg
- One from the other edge to the other peg
- One "above" the other two (on the wider side of the wedge).

3. Pull them tight. 

....or, feel free to use whatever method you want for this part. Just make sure it's stable enough to hold the candle EVENLY (not crooked: that was the hardest part -- you don't want your candle burning unevenly if you can help it) and that all materials you use are NOT FLAMMABLE because, well, you never know. Cable ties aren't flammable, though they will melt if put directly to flame.

Step 5: Hang 'er Up!

Put up some frame-hangers on the wall. Use the sconces themselves to make sure you get the placement right, and use a level if you want to make sure it's even. 

Put the candle in the sconce, light it up, and enjoy!

Note: I did this entire project without my right hand. As you can see from the last picture, it's all bandaged up and kinda useless at the moment. And I am SUPER RIGHT-HANDED.

So if I can do this whole project left-handed, you certainly can manage it with two hands.

These guys are currently in my bathroom, but I might make more for the patio and the living room, too.