Introduction: Wall-Mounted Planter (Red)

This beautiful planter was inspired by my mother. She loves plants but just can't seem to keep them alive. She doesn't go outside enough to remind her to water her plants, and we simply didn't have enough room in our house to move them inside. That got me thinking: How can I bring her plants inside in a way that saves space and also makes watering a fun task? As a result, this wall-mounted planter was born with the help of Inventor and a 3D printer.

Mounting it on the wall saves space very effectively and also creates an interesting talking piece. She always remembers to water her plant because of the fun experience: whenever you're ready to water, simply pour the water into the cloud and watch it rain down! I chose to make it red because it was such a beautiful, bright color. It stands out against any background and makes her plant pop. I'm happy to report that her new plant has stayed alive for months and is still going strong! Follow this instructable to learn how to make your very own wall-mounted planter.


  • Base STL file
  • Pot STL file
  • Cloud STL file
  • Clear, liquid, water tight glue
  • Strong gel glue
  • Sandpaper or an electric sanding tool, such as a dremel

You will also need access to a 3D printer

Step 1: Print the Base, Cloud, and Pot

I printed the base at 6 in x 10 in, but you could easily go smaller. Just make sure all of the pieces are printed at the same scale. Here is how I recommend printing each piece:


Flat on nail hole side

No supports needed


Flat on solid face without holes (opposite from completely open end)

No supports needed


Standing upright on flat face (as a normal pot would)

Ring of supports around outer edge needed

Once all parts have been printed, remove any supports.

Step 2: Test the Fit

Test each piece to make sure that it fits into the base. They should take a little bit of effort to push in, but be snug once they do and difficult to remove. Clearances of .2 mm have been added to the parts so they should fit well, but they may require a bit of sanding if your printer isn't precise enough.

Once your pieces fit, remove them from the base. Using a strong gel glue (I used superglue), place glue in the holes of the base and press the pieces back in. Then, use a clear, liquid, watertight glue to seal the edges of the holes and create a watertight seal.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Planter!

Find a nail that fits your hole, and hang your planter from it with the plant of your choice (preferably one that doesn't grow tall, or droops over such as ivy). Water your plant through the cloud and watch it rain down. Enjoy!

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