Introduction: Wall Shelf and Scanner Stand Made From Home Depot Common Boards

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My woodworking skills are rudimentary, but anyway I would like to share with you, my friends, the process of building two small furniture pieces which I made out of cheap Home Depot common boards. With size 1x3 inches and a length of eight feet, such a board costs less than $3. Two boards were enough to build both: the shelf and the stand, so this project did not break my bank account.

Step 1: Cutting Boards

I cut boards with Stanley miter box and hand saw. In addition with strips made out of common boards, I needed one thinner part from hobby board (needed to be the backside of the shelf).

Step 2: Making Spacers

Board was not wide enough to provide stand height, so I made spacers from 1/2 inch round stick. I drilled these spacers with a drill. Size of the drill was to match wooden screw.

Step 3: Assembling

I drilled holes in elements first with a drill to match screw, then with a bigger drill to half of the board thickness to match screw head. Before assembling I applied Elmer glue to touching surfaces. Spacers I used only for the stand.

Step 4: Finishing Stand

I filled cavities over screws heads with wood filler, then applied twice Polyshade polymer finish to the furniture surfaces.

Step 5: Finishing Shelf

I bought two metal shelf brackets (most expensive part of the project: ~$7 each) and attached it to shelf sides. As you can guess I used it upside down ( not the way they were designed). Backside I just inserted into the brackets. It fitted just well: there was no need in additional gluing.

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