Introduction: Wall Mount Your Wii for Next to Nothing.

After the installation of my new wall mount LCD things were great.  That was before my son took over the basement TV playing COD MW2, and my daughter wanted to use her Wii at the same time......

Step 1: Mess = Bad

Here is the mess, with cables hanging.   Her decorations are hopelessly displaced on one side.   The wife is not happy.  This is not good.  She has this thing about balance.  Everything has to be perfectly symmetrical with her.   With her Yin and Yang out of equilibrium, there is no time to waste.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

The Wii not being very heavy, and rather slim, a sling using cable ties will do the trick.  You will need the type with the screw mounting hole tabs.  You can pick up a pack at the "L" store or the "HD" store for around $2.

1 package cable ties (with screw mounting hole tabs)
2 mounting screws with matching Threaded Drywall Anchors

1 Wire cutter (or Heavy duty scissors)
1 Screwdriver for mounting screws
Stud Finder (optional)
Level (optional)

Step 3: Where to Mount?

When it came time to determining mounting options, it became obvious that only a wall mount system would work.  Running the wires through the wall would have been a problem with that Wii sensor bar thingy.  The power and the RF audio connections where already in place behind the TV.  A search on the web turned up a possible solution done in clear lexan for around $30 with shipping.  Very nice, but I needed a fix now, not next week.

1) Hold the unit up by hand to determine a suitable mounting position.
2) Make sure there is enough clearance for the cable connections.
3) Make sure there is enough clearance around the back and bottom air vents.
4) When you are happy with the position mark the two bottom corners with masking tape.
5) Pour the wife a glass of wine and have her approve mounting selection (optional).
6) Remove TV from Wall and place it out of the way (be careful).  Its easier with two people, although I was able to do it myself. 

Step 4: Construct the Sling Thing

Just like you, your Wii wants support.  The sling you construct should be wide and left a bit loose.  Remember, you want to be able to slip your Wii in and out freely in case of an emergency. 

First make one sling, then make its twin.  Test for fit. You can clip off the tie ends and screw holes that are not needed or wait till later. I left some of my tie wrap ends uncut for fine tuning after mounting.


Step 5: Wall Mount

Using the masking tape markings from an earlier step, mount the slings to the wall. This is where you would use the stud finder and the level.  I was able to mount the first screw into a stud.  I used a drywall anchor for the second.  On my first try I made the slings a bit too close.  You can see I moved it over in the last photo.  Make sure the vent underneath is not blocked.  When you are happy?  Trim all of the ties.  Remove the Wii from the slings.

Step 6: Hook Up the Cables.

Your almost there.  Obviously you will now need to re-hang TV on the wall.  Now be very careful.  If you drop it, there is no telling what the wife will do. 

Slide the Wii into the sling.  Hook up all of the cable connections.  Plug the power pack in behind the TV and tuck it behind the TV as well.  I mounted my Wii sensor bar thingy on the bottom of my TV with the double sided sticky pads and it seems to work fine.  Your results may vary.  You may need to mount it on top.   Make sure to change the console's settings so that it knows whether the sensor bar is on top or bottom of your TV .

Step 7: Restoration of Zen

Gather up cables into bundles and tie wrap to hold as needed.  Tuck these up behind the TV. 
Power up the Wii.


Zen restored.