Introduction: WallClock From Rolled Newspaper

One of the easiest to recycle newspaper and turn it into a fancy WallClock

Step 1: Make Newspaper Rolls

1. Cut newspaper into three equal pieces and roll them with the help of a thin stick

2. The rolls should be hollow, stick the ends with PVA glue

3. Make numerous newspaper rolls

4. Start rolling the newspaper rolls into a circle, by rolling it around a pencil

5. Insert rolls in the previous roll to keep extending the roll

6. Make a disc of a size you would like

7. Make 12 smaller circles, without using a pencil in the centre

8. Seal the ends of all the discs with glue, apply a coat of glue all over and let them dry

9. Fix the machine for clock on the back end, along with a hook to hang it

10. Attach the 12 discs with help of a glue gun

11. You can make number from rolled newspaper and stick them on the discs

12. Varnish the wallclock to give it shine and also lend some stiffness

13. Finally fix the Hands on the front side and your wall-clock is done!

Step 2: Finished Wall-Clock

The finished wall clock will look like this.