Introduction: Wallet

Its a wallet.

I included the dimensions I used just in case you want to modify or make a different version of it.

Step 1: Sketching It

A) Create a rectangle 85.60 mm x 53.98.

B) Create another rectangle surrounding the previous rectangle. Make sure the rectangle is 3 mm from the previous rectangle.

Step 2: Making the Body of Wallet

A) extrude the outer rectangle to 15 mm, this will make the shell of the wallet.

Step 3: Lip of Wallet

A) Create a 59.98 mm x 6.84 mm rectangle on the vertical axis. Make sure the rectangle is somewhat centered on the side of the body, it doesn't matter if its centered. What matters is a lip is successfully created.

B) extrude the rectangle on the vertical axis 20 mm towards the body and 10 mm outwards.

C) Extrude the back side of the lip(s) over the body, this will make the top and bottom.

Step 4: Lid of Wallet

A) For the lid of the wallet, create another rectangle 59.98 mm x 23 mm.

B) Create another rectangle as shown. Make sure the distance between the side of each rectangle is 3.

C) Extrude the outer layer to 6.7 mm.

Step 5: The Shell

A) Fillet each corners of the shell 2 mm. Do not fillet the lid.

Step 1: Create sketch and create a two point circle roughly in the middle. Use the sketch dimension to make it 27.99 mm from the side and 43.88 mm from the bottom.

Step 2: Extrude the circle.

Step 3: Chamfer the inside of the circle 2 mm.

You could do more than this, but this step is the circle cut out of the wallet.