Introduction: Wallmounted Redwood Folding Desk

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This desk folds in to your wall! all neat and tidy, you can choose any height for those tall or short people. it just mounts to your wall in any way you wish.

the desk protrudes about 4 inches out of the wall when folded up,

this project was made form scraps from my eagle project you can see all the redwood scraps i have in the picture, i chose from those, the supplies section tells you what you need if you wish to build this and buy the materials. if you do don't use redwood it look super cool but is quite fragile, i still think i need more enamel

the hinges where taken from a rotting desk in our garage, i took it apart and reused the screws and the hinges from it. the wood has some drill holes from the first time i tried to make a desk out of it. some of them will be reused.

luckily for me all the stuff was just what i needed, the screws where the right length and the hinges are very strong.

(this was a school project for my sophomore engineering class)


you going to need some wood, you can choose redwood like me, but i insist you choose something a little more suited to being a desk. my redwood one is quite easy to dent.

-wood:one 2x2 twice your desired height, a 12x1 54 inches long at least.

(you can choose differently, but follow these criteria, you need one 12x1 how ever long you would like, second a 12x1 and is a third to half the size of the first 12x1, lastly a 12x1x12.)

-hinges; 6 hinges that are square, and 2 inches wide.

(i recycled mine from a trashed desk, so i only have 4 that are 2x2, the last two where replaced by three smaller ones. just make sure they are strong enough)

-screws:they must fit the hinges, i recommend at least 2 per hinge(i use 3), they must not be longer then 3/4" preferably 1/2"

(this is so they don't destroy the 12x1's)

Step 1: Cut

-cut the 2x2 in half. these are your legs. sand if needed (220 grit) (i just had 2 left over, i just them to the same length)

-cut the 12x1 in to the lengths described previously. You should have a square and 2 rectangles, one of them a little more then half the longer one. (they just happened to be this length i sanded them square)

(in the picture you can see me choosing witch wood to use, everything was recycled from a previous attempt)

Step 2: Sand

use some rough grit to smooth things out and remove old stain, then use some 220 to make everything nice. ( i had to use 120 then 220 as there was old stain and enamel on it)

sand the edges to a round about 1/32 of an inch everywhere, and make a full round on the square 12x1 and one long side of the long 12x1(in the pictures)

Step 3: Stain

i did not stain as i liked the nice color of the redwood.

stain as you wish.

Step 4: Polyurethane

apply 2 coats as per the directions on the can.

-sand in between layers with the highest grit you can find 220 works but i hand sanded with 400.9it was laying around the garage)

- this will bring out full color of the wood and allow it to not get banged up as much.

i missed the bottom of the large piece, its not often visible. the top side is when folded up, however.

Step 5: Assembley

grab your drill and screws we are getting to work,

-align the legs on the bottom of the long piece of wood, one on each corner (this is the side you rounded while sanding)

i drilled all my holes as i knew where i wanted them you can see that in the picture.
(use tape to make sure you don't drill too deep)

-tape the hinge down where you want the leg and drill the holes for the screws, then the same to the leg. (copy this on the other side)

-now drill in your screws. now the legs are attached.

Step 6: Final Assembly

-align and drill holes for the rest of the hinges. then screw in the hinge on the short 12x1 first.

-attach this piece to the square 12x1 diagonally with more hinges(this is where i used the 3 smaller ones)

finally attach the now 2 pieces together and your product is finished.

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