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Introduction: Warm Fuzzy Wreath

Who doesn't love a warm fuzzy? What about a wreath full?

For this project you need:
1 foam wreath, any size you want
several different colors of yarn.
cardboard or cereal box

Step 1:

So, the first thing you're going to do is make the warm fuzzy's... a lot of them.

1. Cut 2 circles out of your cereal box. The size of your circle depends on how large you want your warm fuzzy to be. Cut smaller circles on the inside

2. Make a slit through the circles. This will make an opening where you will wrap your yarn through (it makes things easier).
3. Take your yarn and wrap it around the circle.. around and around and around, until it is full. (The more you wrap, the thicker your warm fuzzy will be)

4. Now, you are going to take your scissors and cut through your yarn in between the two carboard circles. You can see in my picture how this is done. Make sure to hold the yarn in place with your other hand.

5. After you've cut all the way around, cut a length of yarn (make it long, about 8 inches for this project) and wrap it in between the 2 cardboard pieces. You can see in my picture the small crack between the cardboard where I wrapped the yarn around. Tie it, REAL TIGHT!

6. Then, simply pull the cardboard off the yarn.

Trim the ends so they are all even.
And you have yourself a warm fuzzy... nice job! Notice how long my ties are, (don't trim these!)

Repeat this process several times, until you have a LOT of them.

Step 2:

Now that you have made several warm fuzzy's, you are ready to put them on your wreath.

Using the long ties from each warm fuzzy, tie it around the wreath form.

Tie each one on until your wreath is completely full.

Find an empty wall in your house, and hang it up.

This is sure you bring warmth, (and surely fuzziness) to any room!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oooh, it makes me think of tribbles, yay. I need to find some really fluffy yarn now. Thanks for posting this.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! I love your pom-pom tutorial...that makes all the yarns perfect! Great job...now I want to make a wreath like this! :)