Introduction: Tape Measure Rack


This is a depiction of a project, not an actual project! Mostly, I got done and realized "Oops! This seems simple but someone may find it useful". So, the pictures of fabrication are just that- fabrications depicting a pseudo fabrication of what was an actual project.


-Scrap wood
-Scrap banding or other thin metal strip
-Radial arm saw (what I used, but you can easily substitute a miter box or miter saw or hand saw or circular saw or most any cutting implement to cut wood you have handy. I just used my radial arm saw because it was already set up).
-Drill press (again, what I used because it was out and set up, but any manner of fashioning a hole could be used-hand drill, hammer and nail and a block of wood, electric drill, cordless drill, etc.).
-Drywall screws (nails or most any fasteners of choice could work, and in this instance I wish I'd had some pan head wood screws on hand instead but a cursory glance led me to the drywall screws)
-Metal snips (or other metal cutting tools, Dremel, hacksaw, oscillating saw, etc.).

Step 1: The Need

I was finally cleaning my work bench off again and needed a handy place to store the tape measures I didn't realize I had been amassing. You'd think with that many ways to measure I could manage to do a better job of it...but.

I very quickly thought of the reinforced tape measure clip on some tool pouches I have and realized I had the perfect material on hand to replicate that affect- some banding material I had brought home knowing I could find a use for.

Step 2: The Build

This centers around the metal strip which will hold the tape measures and what makes it possible to get the tape measures in- a stand-off of some sort. I used scrap wood.

Measure where you want to mount your tape clip and cut your metal strip to length. If there are particular locations you need to drill to mount it, mark those. My wall doesn’t much necessitate that so I equally spaced my hole markings. ***Just make sure that there is room between the spacers to fit the tape measure clip.***

Drill your holes. I used my drill press but you can punch them or hand drill them or whatever.

Cut your spacers and drill in the middle of them (or not depending on what you want- merely a suggestion). I drilled seven holes so I cut seven spacers. Pretty simple math.

Simple and flexible are definitely trends of this project.

Step 3: Installation

I started in the center and placed a spacer behind the metal banding and screwed through the metal and the spacer into the wall. I threw a level on the banding and put one of the end spacers on, then put the rest on. Viola!

PS- My spacers were from ¾” scrap which worked well but could probably have been somewhat thinner without hurting anything.

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