Introduction: Washcloth Soap Holder

Never drop your soap bar again with this easy Washcloth Soap Holder! Slip your favorite bar inside holder making it easier to hold on to in the shower. It even helps extend the life of your bar to help you save money!


  • Cutting Mat
  • Washcloth
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins

Step 1: Cut Your Washcloth

First, cut your washcloth in half in any direction. The, cut a third off of the length.

Step 2: Hem the Raw Edge

Next, hem the shortest raw edge by folding it over a quarter of an inch and using a straight stitch on the sewing machine.

Step 3: Attach Ribbon

Flip over the washcloth and pin the folded rhythm about a third of the way up the washcloth. Make sure the finished edge is at the bottom.

Step 4: Fold and Stitch

Fold the BOTTOM of the washcloth up until it meets the bottom of the ribbon. Then, fold the TOP down until the edges meet.

Sew a straight stitch down both sides of the wash cloth INSIDE the binding. I made two lines of stitches down each side for reinforcement.

Step 5: Turn Inside-Out

Remove the pin and turn the washcloth inside out. Make sure to push the corners all the way through.