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This is a basic write up of how I went about making my own washer and dryer built in.

I will not go into exact measurement details as your space will be much different than mine I am sure.

Please over look the finished pictures with the sag in the middle. As you will see following the steps we had to purchase new washer and dryer half way through.

Step 1: Installing the Cleat

The baskets we are using measure around 10 1/2 tall. This was perfect to use 2x12 board for solid support.

as you see here laying on the ground I used it to measure off of. installing the cleat at the same exact height all the way around. (very Important you hit studs here)

Step 2: Installing the Base

Install the crossbars to support flooring. (I know and understand laying the boards flat will not give me the best support) but it works best this way to cover with trim in the long run. and is supported every few feet as well.

Be sure to space and plan out the center supports for the baskets once you have it set screw it all down.

And jump around to test strength. (optional but fun)

Step 3: Adding the Flooring

I went with medium grade ply as it was going to be mostly covered 3/4 inch to add to the sturdiness.

Using my Kreg Rip-Cut

I ripped my plywood down. also taking measurements needed to allow my dryer vent hose and outlet to remain accessible.

Last step here was 1X2 and finish the trim work.

Step 4: First Round of Paint

My wife has much better skill than i do when it comes to painting and trimming so I let her take over here.

Step 5: Adding a Middle Shelf

Using my 90 clamp and the kreg r3 pocket hole jig

the shelf went together easily

Take note here the shelf it higher than my washer and dryer (old set) needed to support my top shelf

That is why the final pictures have a sag that has been fixed now.

Step 6: Finishing

The last part I did much like the first step.

I made a cleat system to hold the top shelf.

I cut my ply to fit over it all

I then used laminate flooring to cover the top and give it a pretty finished look.

Then took the same flooring and cut to fit on the back of the shelf look close you can see it.

The picture here is just a before picture. to show the progress.

happy to answer any question.

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