Introduction: Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers

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In this Instructable, we'll learn to make custom cupcake toppers using washi tape and other basic supplies! It's super easy to do and will help you put a creative touch on your next cupcake project.


Washi Tape (Any design of your choice)



Optional: Alphabet or Number Stickers

Step 1: Cut the Washi Tape

Unroll a piece of washi tape that's approximately 3 inches in length and cut it.

Step 2: Add a Toothpick

Center a toothpick on the cut strip of washi tap, and fold the washi tape in half onto itself. It the washi tape is uneven, gently un-peel and reposition it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the toothpick does not extend past the washi tape.

Step 3: Cut Topper Into Desired Shape

Ensure that the washi tape is even by cutting the end of it with scissors. At this point, you may leave it straight or cut it into a different shape.

Step 4: Continue Making Toppers

Repeat the previous steps to create as many cupcake toppers as you want!

Step 5: Add Alphabet/number Stickers (Optional)

To add another creative touch to your cupcake toppers, you may add alphabet and/or number stickers to them.