Introduction: Washing, Drying, and Folding Laundry

A step by step guide on how doing your laundry can be easy! For those who are new to the laundry washing world now that your mom doesn't do it anymore! Lets get started! We will be using towels today.


1. Laundry Detergent

2. Fabric Softener

3. Dryer Sheets

Step 1: Ready Your Materials

When you are purchasing your materials for doing laundry there are many options out there. Some are meant to just clean while others are meant to leave a scent as well as clean. For this example my softener is from Snuggles in Fresh Linen scent. My cleaning detergent will be from Tide both in liquid form. Finally my fabric softeners are a great value linen scent from Walmart.

Step 2: Separate Laundry

There are four categories you should separate your laundry out for which are,

1. whites

2. darks

3. colors

4. towels

For this example we will keep it simple and go with towels as our batch.

Step 3: Load the Laundry

There are two types of ways you can load laundry based on the machine you are working with. This machine is a top loading machine while others are side loading machines. When loading the washer make sure you don't overfill your batch. Fill your batch up to 2/3 of the washer you have. This may lead to you having to do two loads instead of just the one.

Step 4: Measuring and Pouring Detergent/ Softener

Our detergent and softener will now be measured into their proper trays. Since both are liquid we can measure with the lid of the container. To measure the amount you will pour until the lid is half way full with the product. If you have a newer machine you can pour the product into the tray until you reach the fill point.At this point you can now close the tray.

Step 5: Set Your Time and Temperature

Our towels are ready to wash now we just need to set our temperature and time. On new machines it will ask you what you are washing and will automatically suggest what you need. If you do not have this option you want to follow these guidelines.

1. heavier clothes will mean longer wash times (45 min - 1 hour+)

2. lighter clothes will mean less wash time (30 min - 50 min)

3. whites and towels will wash on hotter settings

4. colors will wash on warm settings

5. darks will wash on cold

For our example with towels we will set the time to the suggested 56 minutes and hot setting.

We wash richer colors on colder setting to allow less bleeding of the colors into each other.

Step 6: Transfer to Dry

Now that you have washed your clothing and let the machine drain the excess water it is time to move your load to the dryer. Here you will make sure your batch of laundry is dry for folding or wearing.

Step 7: Repeat Steps for Temperature and Time

As with the washer for the dryer we will place one dryer sheet in with the laundry.

For the temperature portion you can either dry your clothes on hot or cooler setting to help reduce the shrinking of some clothing.

Time will be similar to the washer, heavier loads will be between 45 min- 1 hour+ and lighter loads will be 30 min- 45 min.

Step 8: Check Your Filter

Before you start the laundry be sure to pull the filter from your dryer and clean the lint from the mesh. Your filter will be located near the front end of the dryer by the opening of the door.

Step 9: Check Laundry

When time is up open the door to the dryer and check to see if your laundry has dried.

If it is still damp clean out the lint trap once more and reset the time for the same amount as before.

If your laundry is ready to take out dump clean laundry into empty basket for travel.

Step 10: Lay Out Your Newly Clean Towel

Now that the towels are dry now we begin our folding process.

Begin by laying out the towel completely on the floor in front of you.

Step 11: Folding Time

Take the towels two corners on one end between your fingers and fold in half to match on the other side.

Step 12: Finish the Fold

After you have done your first fold you will take the corner and this time fold across hot dog style (picture 1).

Your last fold to make it a square with be a fold similar to your first fold downwards (picture 2).

Step 13: Finished and Ready to Put Away

Finish folding the rest of the towels that were in your batch and stack for transport to your bathroom. You have successfully done your first batch of laundry!