Introduction: Washing Machine Notifications Using MESH

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Oops! I Forgot about the clothes in the washing machine...

Do you always forget to pick up your clothes after they are washed?

This recipe will upgrade your washing machine to receive notifications via Gmail or IFTTT once your clothes are ready to pick up. Most washing machines automatically turn off once the cycle is completed. An LED light will often fade out as well. The MESH Brightness Sensor can check the brightness level of the LED light and know when it fades after the wash cycle is complete.


  • Launch the MESH app (Available on Android and iOS).
  • Setup the MESH Brightness Sensor by choosing the "Brightness Level Indicator."
  • Place the MESH Brightness Sensor above the washing machine timer.
  • Link your Gmail account from the MESH app.
  • Launch and test.

Step 1: Materials


Step 2: Place Your MESH Brightness Sensor

Use a small piece of plastic or eraser as a stopper to prevent the MESH tag from falling. Place your MESH Brightness Sensor above the washing machine timer where it will be able to detect the LED light as shown in the photo. The MESH Brightness Sensor will log the event as an email via the Gmail function on the MESH app, allowing the receiver to be notified of the event the moment it occurred.

Step 3: Create the Recipe in the MESH App

  • Drag the MESH Brightness icon onto the canvas of the MESH App.
  • Click on "Extension" to add the Gmail icon to the canvas of the MESH app.

MESH Brightness Sensor

Click on the MESH Brightness icon to adjust the settings of the "Brightness" level.

Gmail Extension

  1. Click on the Gmail icon from the extension.
  2. Click on Start Setup.
  3. Follow the instructions to connect your personal Gmail account to the MESH app.
  4. Drag the Gmail icon onto the canvas of the MESH app.
  5. Click on the Gmail icon and choose "Send."
  6. Write the email subject and body you wish to receive.

Step 4: Gmail

All events detected by the MESH Brightness Sensor will be sent via the registered Gmail address to notify you of the event once it happens.